Store non xml by name

Is it not possible to store nonxml data to taminowebdavserver so that I can get them by easy url like: http://localhost/tamino/mydb/test/xdav_nonXML/picture.jpg

Becusse this will make it possible to referance to them in the xml file.

Or is it some othere way to get nonxml from tamino by url. When you upload them in webdav??

Hello Dbb,

if you store a non XML document via WebDAV it will automatically have the URL you did store the document under. If you have non XML documents in Tamino already and you do a WebDAV store enablement (e.g. via repair) you do a more readable name, if you have stored the non XML under a name in Tamino and you are using the newest version of TWS. You may want to define and implement your own naming strategy, the how to is found in the documentation: see e.g. file:///C:/Program%20Files/Software%20AG/Tamino/Tamino%20WebDav%20Server%204.2.1/Documentation/webdav/enable.htm#enable for more details.

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I know that the noxml I store in webdav have the webdav url to get them out But what I want is to get them out by tamino not webdav.
Whit a url like this http://localhost/tamino/db/collection/xdav_nonXML/picture.jpg

Not by webdav link
This can only be achived if I store the document in tamino whit a name. So this is what I want webdav to do for me. "Store all files by name in the tamino collection if it is possible By using webdav to store em by"

I cant see a way to do this now But if there is a possible to make webdav store by name of the file that would be nice

Hello Dbb,

Ok, I got the point.

Unfortunately this is not implemented yet. We thought about this feature, but decided not to implement it, caused by Tamino not fully supporting naming and re-naming of xml and non-xml documents. With the implementation of the BIND standard things get even more complicated, as one resource may have multiple associated URLs.

Are you aware, that the newest version of Tamino WebDAV Server was donated to Jakarta-Slide (under proposals), including the source code?

Best regards,

Juergen Pill

P.S. The only possibility to get the document out of Tamino is currently knowing the ino:id, e.g. http://localhost/tamino/db/collection/xdav_nonXML/@1 . Reading the document this way would be no problem as long as you do accept that WebDAV security is by-passed.

Ok thanks for the answare this will save me the time to do this :slight_smile:

I will insted use the webdav url for now
I am also wonedering about the speed issu in webdav
I cant say that webdav is fast to display nonxml when you have a big collection. I hope this will inprove whit the help of the slide project.