Browser viewing data stored through WebDav

Having dragged and dropped both an XML file and nonXML into a a Tamino WebDav folder, I’m able to see the data via the Tamino explorer. Trying HTTP access via the browser will not display the data though. Furthermore, it seems to have saved the XML file as a nonXML file too.

Hello Neil,

XML documents:
The Tamino WebDAV Server checks for each valid XML document, if the associated schema is already defined in Tamino and if not, create a mini schema on the fly. Valid XML should never go to the nonXML area. Could you please try to store your XML file via the Tamino X-Plorer or the Interactive interface to verify, that Tamino would accept your file as valid XML content. If Tamino would accept the content directly, please either open a Sagsis problem or post the file to the community.

NonXML documents are alaways stored in the xdav_nonXML area/schema.

How did you try to reach the data via http? If it is visible in the Tamino X-Plorer it definitely should be accessible via http!

Please note the WebDAV document. In very rare cases the MS FileManager decides to add some additional characters at the end of an XML document. In this case the XML document is not valid any more and stored in the nonXML area. Please note too, that both IE and Tamino WebDAV Server maintain caches. To verify the Tamino DB content, please either use the Tamino X-Plorer directly, or flush the IE cache and restart Tamino WebDAV Server.

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Hi Juergen.

Accessing the nonXML doc.
After submitting the nonXML document(logo.jpg) via WebDAV, the explorer shows that WebDAV stored a document called xdav_nonXML under Welcome3_1_1_1/Test. Creating an instance in Tamino Interactive Interface or via Xplorer would result in the document being saved as Welcome3_1_1_1/Test/xdav_nonXML/logo.jpg
Instead WedDav creates a numerical index hence I get Welcome3_1_1_1/Test/xdav_nonXML/1. In Xplorer can see the .gif if I click on instance 1 under Welcome3_1_1_1/Test/xdav_nonXML.

In the browser I try the following without any luck…



I even attempting XQL statements in vain.

How do I see the jpg via an XPath statement in my browser???

I have resolved the problem with the XML doc (my doc had multiple records not enclosed by a root element - you can store via the interactive interface this way but I undersatnd that webDAV only accepts valid XML).

Hello Neil,

please try following URL to access Tamino resources stored via WebDAV directly:

http://localhost/tamino/Welcome3_1_1_1/Test/xdav_nonXML/@1 (please note the @ before the ino:id).

The WebDAV URLs are not stored within the Tamino documents, but rather in the WebDAV meta data. WebDAV accesses the Tamino documents via the ino:id only. The ino:id can be read via the WebDAV property “xdavContentId” or gathered in the Tamino X-Plorer. The same applies for XML documents. XML documents can be additionally queried with Xpath.

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Thanks, Juergen.

Not sure why I never tried it. But it certainly works.