Tamino WebDAV corrupts XML documents

Hi everyone!

I’ve been faced with a problem. I put an XML document in Tamino WebDAV and when I retrieve it back, it is not equal to the origin.


Maybe this doesn’t make sense in XML, but IE6 diplays them in different ways. By the way Tamino preserves empty element representation.

How could I avoid the problem?

Hi Alexander,

sorry, I can’t help. Tamino does not guarantee, that XML data is exactly formatted the same as it came in.


Martins’ response came as bit of a surprise to me but he is correct. However if I store a document directly into Tamino with the following:


and retrieve it I get:

which is opposite to what storing the document via webdav does. So I think that the processing within webdav is causing the problem.

I think this area of whether

is equal to
or not is somewhat of a gray area. Certainly the XML Info Set Recommendation does not address this (see http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-infoset/#omitted appendix D point 7).

Thank you for the replies

But I must make one thing clear.

I haven’t seen any guarantee in Documentation that Tamino preserves formatting of XML Data.

But if I have correct understanding of the concept, Tamino has query mechanism to retrieve just one document exactly how it has been saved (maybe except for encoding). I mean Plain URL Addressing.

So when I save

, I get

when I save

, I get

when I save
, I get


(Do not check it with IIS or EI, you’ll definitely see

Of course this concept is needed not only for this example. We could think of it wider. For example documents could be signed with digital signatures. So additional blank or " instead of ’ could make this documents invalid.

But WebDAV ruins this concept. I think it tries to parse data to determine if it is an XML document or not and if it has a schema. So when it’s time to store data into Tamino, the document looks a little bit different.

Hello Alexander,

the Tamino WebDAV Server does not touch the received documents, not on the way from the client to Tamino, nor from Tamino to the client. The binary representation of the document is passed without modification. We check, if a document is a XML document and if yes, read the name of the root node, but do not re-format the document in any way.

I would consider your first and third example as identical (based on DOM, an element, containing no content), your second example would be different (an element containing a single space). Compared on a string base, all examples would be different.

The plain URL addressing does not prevent Tamino re-formatting (actually we use plain URL addressing in Tamino WebDAV Server).

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Excuse me for wrong tests
I’ve tried it all again
The documents are really changed by Tamino
Even when plain url addressing is used

I retested this too without Internet Explorer and Alexander is correct: Tamino expands


I found a partial solution. It is possible to confige WebDAV server to save stylesheets as non-XML objects. I can search them by name, it’s enough in my situation.