Does WebDAV wants schema and doctype names to be the same?

Hi All

I found some strange behaviour of new WebDAV server (3.1.4) when trying to load XML documents with schema already defined in Tamino. It appears if doctype and schema have different names.

I made some experiments:

1. allowNonXML = true and autoCreateXmlSchema = false
XML documents are stored as Non-XML objects in xdav_nonXML doctype (Schema with the same doctype is defined in Tamino but WebDAV for some reason doesn’t use it).

2. allowNonXML = true and autoCreateXmlSchema = true
It causes an error message to arise. Log file says that unique doctype constraint is violated.

So the question is: does WebDAV server wants schema and doctype names to be the same? I don’t remember the previous versions of WebDAV server require that. Have I missed anything in documentation?

Hi Alexander,

this is a bug. It came in with the usage of TSD3. It is fixed and will be shipped with the next version.