Tamino WebDAV and Nixe error during define schema.


xdav_nonXML.tsd from both tools are not similar and when I try to define them on Tamino, the following error occurs:
"XML /non-XML doctype mismatch; old schema: tsd:doctype : xdav_nonXML , new schema: tsd:doctype : xdav_nonXML "

The same error occurs either on WindowsXP and SuSE ES 8

Could you help me please?

Thanx in advance, Ito

Hi Fernando,

this sounds as if you try to define two schemas into the same collection. Both schemas define a doctype with identical names. Schema processing does not allow this.

First possible solution: use two different collections (rename it in the schema).
Second solution: use different names for the doctypes.
Please note, xdav_nonXML.tsd as released with XNE version 4.1.4 is only an example of a concrete instance of template.tsd. You can change the names as you like, only your application has to be adjusted to your names.

Hope this helps,


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your help.
I was trying to work with XNE’s xdav_nonXML.tsd on WebDAV, so I could perform text research on it but, I don’t know why, they are not compatible. If I define another collection / doctype as you said it will not work at all.

Don’t you think that my idea makes sense? Then, why I can not change it by XNE’s one? :confused:

Regards, Ito

Hi Fernando

in general, there are three types of doctypes:

1) XML doctypes: allow storage of XML documents - the schema
must contain a global element matching the doctypes QName
2) non-XML doctypes: for storage of arbitrary (usually nonXML) documents
- the schema must not contain a matching global element,
the tsd:doctype element has a tsd:nonXML child element
An optional text index may be maintained for all documents with a text-like
3) non-XML doctypes with shadow-XML documents: allows storage of arbitrary
documents again - a server extension is used to create a shadow-XML document from
the primary document.
The schema must contain a matching global element,
AND the tsd:doctype element has a tsd:nonXML child element
Usually, standard or text indexes are defined in the schema which are maintained
based on the shadow XML document similar to 1).

THERE IS NO TRANSITION BETWEEN ANY OF THESE TYPES - that’s probably the reason for the error message you have seen. If this does not explain your scenario, pls provide the old and new schema.

Best regards
Uli Post