Example 'BasicTaminoCollectionEnabler' does not work?

I want to write a custom enabler for our Tamino WebDAV server as explained in the SAG documentation, but the source for a BasicTaminoCollectionEnabler does not work. (It produces a nullpointer exception because dbSession is empty). The delivered .class file for the BasicTaminoCollectionEnabler works just fine.

Could someone from SAG post or mail the full source of the compiled version of the BasicTaminoCollectionEnabler that comes with Tamino 3.1.1?

If anyone made a custom TaminoCollectionEnabler by himself that works, could you post (parts of) the source here as well? Any help is welcome :wink:


here is a fixed version of the sample.

SampleEnabler.java (10.2 KB)

Thanks! The code didn’t work for me at first, but after setting the ‘taminowebdavserver.home’ property to the installation directory of the WebDAV server, it works just fine.

Thanks for the feed-back. We will update our documentation.