Can someone explain what baseline is to me ? I’ve read various DeltaV documents about it but not sure what it’s used for. I sounds like something I need on the work I’m doing.

I’ve tried calling BASELINE-CONTROL method on a sub folder on my Tamino test area,
I got error 405 - The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.

Thanks in advance,


baselines belong to the advanced features of the DeltaV spec and are currently not implemeneted in Tamino WebDAV Server (TWS). We plan to support all of DeltaV’s advanced features in a later release.

Baselines are used for advanced configuration management (while labels, which is a basic feature and is implemented in TWS, can be seen as a mean for basic configuration management). Mainly, a baseline collects and “freezes” the current versions of versioned resources at certain point in time. It is like a “tag” in CVS or a label" in VSS.



Any idea of when this feature will be implemented ?


Hello Yatty,

unfortunately we can currently not communicate the exact release date of the advanced Delta-V features.

You may want to use my e-mail address, if you want to communicate your requirements and expectations.

best regards


Hi Juergen,

I just want to tell you that my clients basic
versioning features work well with Tamino.
Now I would like to test BASELINE-CONTROL
(Complete with subbaselines) too :slight_smile:

Cheers, Edgar