Tamino Workbench 2.2.1

Yes I’m spending a lot of my spare time to get you the next (minor) version of Tamino Workbench.

I have extended Tamino workbench with the following new capabilities:

1. start/stop Tamino databases via menu option
When you try to connect to a non-active database I will direct you to this new Form
(but only if you want to of course).
2. In addition to the autocommit mode, you can now choose to maintain your documents
in local transaction mode (using e.g. isolation level protected to disallow access
to the document.
3. perform benchmark on documents
You can perform a benchmark on documents. I use the current selected documents for a
random sample. This can be done in autocommit or in local transaction mode.
This test will read, update, delete and insert a (=the same) document. Result will
be that nothing has changed (only the document id).
4. preview version (not complete yet) to extend the XML document via the treeview
I use the schema to determine which elements/attributes you may insert at a certain

Up till now I have spent many hours building this tool and now I would like to rebuild this tool
using C# (or VB.NET). Is anyone interested to help me with this “daunting” task?

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs
TWB2.2.1_setup.exe (1.2 KB)

The tip of the day seems to be missing.

Please apply this patch over version 2.2.1.
TWB_Tip_of_the_day.exe (1.21 KB)

This is a slightly modified version of the latest Tamino version, namely

So what has exactly changed? Well I refactored the benchmark code and isolated that part in a
separate component. My first approach was to emulate the updates by executing the updates via
the existing events, i.e. as if you had pressed all the buttons for retrieval, update, insert,
delete and commit.

That’s why you probably saw a lot of + ino:id=… entries in the navigational listbox.

I changed this approach. First I derive a random sample from the current selected documents and then I use these documents to perform the following actions:

open transaction (if local transaction)
for all selected document
get document
update document
delete document
insert document
commit document
end for
close connection (if local transaction)

This way the result will be as if nothing has changed. All actions are measured and saved for statistical analysis.

After the analysis you can once more perform this benchmark and you are asked if you want to do so, since then the query must be performed once more while the selected documents need to be refreshed to reflect the new situation (i.e. new document id’s).

Some further remarks
*** Start/stop database ***
As of version 2.2.1 you can start a tamino database from TWB. Please take the following into account

* you must log on as administrator (as if you logged on via Tamino Manager)
* the hostname (target) must be present in the host list
(you can do this by adding hosts via Tamino Manager)
* Starting tamino might take a while, so be patient
* The last entries (including your password, which will be encrypted) are stored for the next time. These values might not be valid for a new environment and therefore might need to be changed.

*** Local transaction ***
As of version 2.2.1 you can do your updates in local transaction mode. If you choose for local transaction then you are asked which isolation level you want to use (unprotected, shared or protected) and if the transaction must wait if a document is locked by another process (these are just the standard options that can be passed if you open a connection).

The session starts from the moment that you select a document. You must explicitly commit or rollback any transactions you have performed. And if you are done, then close the session.

I do not want to see these new options
That can be arranged via menu option [configure/option]. Uncheck “Enable local transaction”, “Enable benchmark” and/or “Enable start/stop database from TWB”

I have some more wishes …
Please tell me what you want and I will see if it can be fitted in the Tamino Workbench. It might take some while since I want to rebuild Tamino Workbench in C#.

I want to help you …
Every help is welcome. If you can program in VB.Net or in C# and you would like to build a great tool for Tamino or maintaining XML documents in general (I do not know why it can not be used for other XML datasources) then please let me know.

Rudolf de Grijs

You can contact me at rudolf_de_grijs@zonnet.nl.
TWB_2.2.1.2_patch.exe (1.21 KB)