Tamino Workbench for developers (next version)

This is the next version of Tamino Workbench (again a full installation).

It is not yet complete but I hope it will be in a few weeks.

This version has some minor changes:

1. The layout has changed a bit
2. The XSL editor behaves better (but at the cost of some minor functionality)
3. Import and export function has been implemented
4. Tamino Schema
5. Removed some bugs

1. Layout
You will directly see that the layout of “XML editor” has changed. The buttons act depending on their context. If you selected a Tamino document then save will save the current document and if you select the XSLT tab the XSLT file will be saved. Sometimes a button does not react, because of its context.
2. XSL Editor
I’m using CodeMax (freeware) for highlighting the syntax and for codeinsight (You need to do some coding, but it is a GREAT control). I tried to use a nested lookup, but CodeMax seems to have troubles with this. Well I don’t mind, I just removed the XSL: lookup and now the behaviour is much better.
3. Import/Export
Select your documents and choose for export:
* A dialog is opened, select a directory
* Choose if you want to export ino:id also
* Export documents …

All Tamino documents are written to the selected directory with the name _.xml.

You can also import one or more documents from your file system.

* Click on import
* Select the documents you want to import
You can choose documents from different directories
* Import documents

All selected documents will be imported. Depending if the XML file contains a ino:id the document will be added or updated. An added document will be prefixed with a ‘+’ in the document list.

4. Tamino Schema

I added an extra tab for the Tamino Schema. If you select a document type then I will try to load the schema (TSD3). Sometimes this will fail, since I’m trying to load xs:schema[@ino:docname="/"], which works most of the time, but sometimes it does not (in that case you can’t generate a new document from the schema). I will have a look at that(perhaps someone could help me out here).

5. Removed some bugs

I ran into a few bugs; I removed those bugs, but I’m pretty sure that you will see a few more. Please send me a note if you find one.

Some known issues:

* Validation is not complete yet. I’m working on the validation part (against Tamino Schema…I don’t want to store a document in order to validate a document). You can check for well formedness.
* As I said before, sometimes I can’t load a Tamino schema. A non-xml document type for example produces this problem. As a result you will not be able to create a new sample document for this document type (which is conceivable for a non-xml document).

If you have any comments/remarks then please drop me a note.

TWB1.3.B.zip (6.74 MB)

I have made a small extension to the workbench, so that you can also import NonXML documents.

Click on the import button and the rest should be clear.

I’m storing the documents with the document name as extension, i.e. the documents can be retrieved by their name, instead of ino:id. I can imagine that you would like to have a choise here, so I will take this into account with the next version.

Installation notes:

Just replace the uploaded TaminoClient.exe with the previous version (i.e. the latest version).


TaminoClient.zip (85.4 KB)

I tried to upload multiple small graphics and I noticed that there occurs a synchronisation problem, since I try to determine the outcome for every _process action and using property Busy is not sufficient (I’m using SHDocVwCtl.WebBrowser_V1 to do the actual multipart/mime-format upload). I found the solution and I will send you an update shortly (so don’t download the previous update).


As promised…

This one can upload graphics or whatever you want to upload. I just switched to XMLHTTP which does a fine job (I always failed to upload graphics, but then I should have read the documentation… if you POST your graphic, Tamino expects a multipart/form-data request, use PUT and you can send your binary data straight away, but unluckily the ino:response is missing (HTTP response 201 is the only indication that everything went fine… well ok I can live with that)).

So here it is…

TaminoClient.zip (85.9 KB)

Some small adjustments:

1. You can’t type a full URL in order to query a document. it’s restricted to the filter expression part (without ). I think that’s better.
2. The problem with Tamino schema has been solved. I just looked at the wrong spot.
3. The type of document (i.e. XML or NON XML) is determined a priori and certain functions do not work if the document type is non xml.

I only include TaminoClient.exe (zipped).

TaminoClient.zip (87.5 KB)