Tamino Workbench for developers

During my many adventures where we positioned Tamino as the XML store I always ran into the same problem: How can I easily create and maintain my testdata… I don’t want WebDAV or X-Application, I just want a simple tool that “directly” interacts with Tamino.

Recently I started to build such a tool and now I would like to give you my result (It’s written in VB6). Included in the setup you will find some documentation… unpack it beneath the application directory (including the paths) and take a look at the getting started section.

You might receive a notification during the install that msxml4 can’t be registered. That happens when you’ve IE6 installed. Just click on ignore and continue …

Please note that I can only deal with TSD3 schema’s (i.e. the old schem’s are NOT supported).

I hope you will find it useful.

Tamino_Workbench.zip (6.68 MB)

Once again an impressive tool from you hands !!!
Really usefull.
Just on e question so far:
Why do you default the schemaname as the default doctype in the default query ?

Finn :cool:

You’re really fast Finn. Yes you are right, thanks. I will change this, just in case…


Here is the modified version. I’ll give you the most recent version, which includes an XSLT editor to play a bit with your XML documents… well have a look yourself.

Note: if you think that the “codeinsight” part works a bit strange, then you’re right. I need to work on this. TIP: I also included codeinsight grammar for XSL:FO ;-).

TWB1.2B.zip (6.7 MB)