New version of Tamino Workbench (1.5.1)

Here it is: the new TWB version 1.5.1.

I have put all dependant Activex objects in this setup.

The setup has changed drastically, simply because the default deployement package seems to have problems with replacing controls/system files.

I also had to change the references to XmlHTTPServer back to XMLHTTP since I noticed that the Windows client machines do not support the use of ServerXMLHTTP which can only be used on server machines.

I have installed this setup.exe on a clean Windows ME machine (with IE5.5 of course) and it works perfectly well (after a reboot).

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs
setup.exe (1.19 KB)


I noticed that when you try to save or load an XML file to the file system and when you press the cancel button, that the cancel event is not activated (option Common Dialog Box). I changed this and now it works.

I also added two links to Start/Tamino Workbench: one to and one to the documentation. The link to http://www/ does not work.

Please install this patch after that you have installed TWB1.5.1, since it only contains the modified parts.

TWB1.5.1Patch.exe (1.2 KB)

I’ve tested with 1.5.2 on both English and Chinese Win2K professional, but still got problem on handling Chinese data.

1. I’ve changed the two encoding setting on config.xml from iso-8851-1 to big5 (big5 is traditional chinese native encoding)

2. Now, when I tried to save the Chinese characters into Tamino, I got each chinese character became an English letter. Previously, I got rubblish characters. But, still have problem. For your information, CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) uses two bytes.

3. When I tried to output the xml file to a physical file on the local harddisk, there’s no any xml declaration. Therefore, no encoding at all. If I double-clicked it, error would be displayed on the IE. It should be easily solved by adding xml declaration with encoding.

Thanks! I’m waiting for using your tool to play with chinese characters on Tamino.



Just a clarification that chinese characters are handled correctly by your tool if export to a physical file, but not to Tamino.


Hi Mullin,

I will have a look at it. Could you perhaps send me some test data + Tamino schema.

You can send this data to

Kind regards,

Please apply this patch to your latest TWB (1.5.1 or 1.5.2).

It solves some minor problems.

Furthermore I added the possibility to restrict the XML output using a Path expression. This is done afterwards and NOT as part of the Tamino query. That way you can change the expression without querying Tamino once more. Don’t forget to click the document to reflect the new Path expression.

The resulting subnodes are grouped under root node to make the resulting document a well-formed document.

Please note that I have disabled the database actions as soon as you decide to use the Path expression.

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs

And now with the patch …
TWB1.5.11Patch.exe (1.2 KB)