New version (revision) Tamino Workbench (1.5.3)


Here is the new version of Tamino Workbench. It mainly contains some bug fixes.

New functionality
I would like to explain the little functional extension, that I recently made to the workbench.

In the previous versions you could specify a filter expression, that actually reduced the resulting set of documents (actually it is just a selection). But as with any query tool you should also be possible to reduce the result of a selected document by means of a PROJECTION (just to refer to the relational algebra terminology), which is a vertical subset.

The projection is done by means of an XPath expression, which is, as you know, rather limited (XQuery is of course much better).


This means that if you apply an XPath (button [Path]) expression that this will be done on the current document and that there is no request to Tamino involved.

You will notice the effect of your “Projection” as soon as you click on one of the selected documents in the listbox on the left side.

Since Tamino does not support Node level update (yet) I have decided to disable the store, remove. The validate button is also disabled since TWB does not support subschema validation.

Known problems
I’m aware that there are some problems with certain character sets (in particular BIG5) and Mullin has been so kind to have a look at this problem.

Installation instruction
Please uninstall any patches and previous version(s) of TWB before you install this version.

Please note that this is full installation and not an upgrade on an existing version.

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs (3.67 MB)

Hi Rudolf,

I installed the program from the download above and it does not work.

There is a TaminoClient error:
Runtime error 429:
ActiveX component can’t create object.

I installed it on a Windows 2000 Pro (UK) workstation.

Tamino (or any other tools) are not installed on this machine.

Am I missing something?


Hi Onno,

You most likely need to install msxml4, which can be downloaded from

Kind regards,

That did the trick. Tanx.