New version of Tamino Workbench (version 1.4.5)

Here’s a new version of the Tamino Workbench.

I’ve done some plumbing since I noticed that my registry was somehow a mess if I looked at the MSXML2 entries.

So I decided to make an ‘absolute’ reference to version 4 and this revealed some problems in my existing code. Now you must provide a password when you connect to the database (this is required by ServerXMLHTTP). Furthermore I had to make a few adjustments for the treeview version. The former version of MSXML (version 3) had no problems with the following XPath expression:

but version 4 returns nothing. I changed this.

Furthermore I’m using ServerXMLHTTP on every spot (as suggested by Microsoft).

I also noticed that I forgot to URLEncode my requests which may lead to “Document Incomplete” messages from Tamino. I solved this problem by writing a VC++ component to do the encoding (I can’t find a control in VB that can do the job and I DON’T want to drag the ASP COM model in as a new dependant component).

I also made a few modifications in case you are dealing with non-xml documents. Some functions are just disabled and some functions show a message that this will be implemented in a later version.

Another small improvement is that you can write the log to your file system and create a new log (actually it was already implemented but I never mentioned it).

Lastly I implemented the validation routines. Now you can validate your XML document against the Tamino schema. The line in error is highlighted.

Don’t forget to read the Readme.html before you install this Workbench.

Since I’ve implemented all functions (and even more) I will not add any more functionality. I will only do some bug fixing. As a next step I want to port this application to VB.NET.

Rudolf (7.21 MB)

If you during the setup encounter some problems with the registration of MSXML4 then it might very well be that you don’t have the complete setup of MSXML4 (even if you are using IE6).

I suggest that you install the latest version of MSXML4 which can be downloaded from Microsoft.


Here’s a new version with some bugs fixed (only the exe):

1. Exported files are saved as unicode files
2 Import fails: forgot to instantiate import component
3. Refresh list after import
4. Connect only possible if user id and password are filled

Rudolf (93.1 KB)

This version solves the problem which you may encounter if you try to import non-xml files.

The problem is caused by an inconsistent registry. If you have a look at your registry then you may see that the version independant progid is inconsistent. Sometimes you may even find in garbage like entries like ServerXMLHTTP.4.

Have a look at MSDN in order to correct this problem.

I solved this problem by making an explicit reference to version 4 (but I did not change everything :frowning: ).

Kind regards,
Rudolf (93.9 KB)

Thanks for your tool!

But, I got two problems now.

1. After I download the latest Taminoclient.exe and run it. I got the error:

Run-time error '429’
ActiveX component can’t create object.

I’m using IE6. As you stated before, I need to click “Ignore”. It works at first before replacing your latest TaminoClient.exe

2. The Chinese characters have been changed all to ???. Which VB Control did you use? And which font did you use too?




Regarding the Chinese display, it works at last. Since I’m using English Win2K with English locale, the tool displays Chinese as ???

Now, I changed the locale to Chinese, then the Chinese characters can be displayed. But, when I store them into Tamino, rubbish characters will be saved then.

What encoding will be used? Are you using utf-8 or system default encoding or from the URL’s _encoding?

Thanks a lot!



Actually I’m not sure yet. I will have a look at it.

Kind regards,
Rudolf de Grijs

Hi Mullin,

I have had a look at the encoding and you are right. I have defined a constant for encoding, but this won’t (for obvious reasons) work.

So I made a first start to implement a configurable workbench. This version should solve your problem. Please put the config.xml file beneath the application directory (probably something like c:/program files/Tamino Workbench/configuration/config.xml), otherwise Tamino Workbench WILL NOT WORK.

You can now change the encoding setting in config.xml (it has been set to iso-8859-1).

The xmlwriter settings are used for the “pretty printing” part. You can also decide to disable authentication, which means that I won’t disturb you with these login forms if you try to connect to a tamino database.

Kind regards,
Rudolf :slight_smile: (95.9 KB)

Do I need to run the latest TaminoClient.exe?

But, I still got the error “ActiveX Component can’t be created” as I stated at my previous post if the run the latest TaminoClient.exe. Is it something related of using IE6?

Of course, if I use the old TaminoClient.exe, no good news at all. Still rubbish characters.




Please install msxml4 and if you never installed VB6 on your machine, then install VB6 runtime SP5.

At the moment I’m looking at other ways to do the installation, since the default package & deployement wizard has some problems with replacing files that are in use by other programs 8-(

Kind regards,


Still got “ActiveX Component can’t create object”.

I downloaded MSXML4 and MSXML sp1 and tested on two machines

English Win2K sp2
MSXML4 sp1

Chinese Win2K sp3

Any ideas?


Best regards,


In fact, I tried to test at once after installatin of msxml4. And also ran your application setup again to use your application-provided msxml4 and tested it.

Still the same error!


- Mullin


Instead of giving file patches, is it possible to get a big installation file again for me to test?


At the moment I’m building a complete new installation using Inno Setup. I will include all dependant controls and COM objects in this setup.

Once I’m done (including testing this installation) I will upload this new version (1.5.1). Please be patient till then …