Strange performance problems with Tamino

In the context of a test, we have installed Tamino on five different computers and stumbled
across a strange problem: When running an XQuery query against the database
(over HTTP using the Tamino passthru servlet) the response time of the service varies heavily.
On two machines it takes a few seconds and on the remaining three 1 to 2 minutes.
It looks like the Tamino process (inosvr.exe) is hanging, showing 99% CPU usage in Windows Task manager,
but delivering correct results at the end. First we thought that this is an AMD related problem,
but yesterday we have got the same result using an Intel machine.

Does anyone of you have an idea of what can impact server performance in this way ?

Technical details:
3 Intel/2 AMD CPU’s
Windows XP/Windows 2000
Java 2 SDK 1.4.1_05
Apache Web Server 2.0.43
Apache Tomcat 4.1.29
Tamino v4.1.1.1 and Tamino v4.1.4.1
Tamino passthru servlet 4.1.1

hi w.frieb,

can you be reasonably sure that the passthru servlet is not responsible for some of the delay? in order to keep a test environment as simple as possible, i personally would try to measure without it.

in how far are the test results you have comparable? the hardware you are mentioning does differ in more than one respect.
what was your ‘usual’ expected response time, how far away from the 60-120 seconds you are mentioning are they?

andreas f.