Reorganize the Feedback category

В’d like to reorganize and extend the Feedback section
Currently it’s saying “Let us know what you think of the Tech Community and how we can improve it for you.”, but I think it’s also the right place where Community members can share their feedback and ideas regarding Software AG products/platforms.

I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts of this suggestion for a reorganization:

  • (Main section) Ideas, feedback and tips

    • (Subsection) Feedback & feature requests

    • (Subsection) Community news, tips and tricks

    • (Subsection) Off-topic discussions & coffee talk

@reamon @Nagendra_Prasad

This should work better than a tag that most people will not see or use. WDYT?

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I suggest to just call it Coffee Break!

We go there when we have a minute to connect and be amused, before going back to our work.
You can describe the purpose of that section in its description.

Any other suggestions?
As most/all? of us create connections/connectors, should we call it Connectors Corner?

But then @toni.petrov there would be a need to categorize this feedback as per products or business units. Isn’t it?

Only once there are a lot of suggestions coming in. Otherwise you have empty forums.

We’ll simply use the product tags for that like everywhere else.

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