Subsection for discussions that don't have a "right answer"

Continuing the discussion from "Unit test" as term losing its focus?:

I don’t want to off-topic the great discussion you have about unit tests, so creating a new topic regarding:

@reamon do you think such section will fit better under Forum or under Feedback (if we rename it to Ideas, feedback and best practices). I’m not sure how many topics will a section like that get. Or should it be simply a tag?


Here’s another example of a discussion - Strong data typing in Integration Server - Forum - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums .
Perhaps for now, we could just have a tag , and revisit this later , if the number of such topics is really high


A tag or checkbox seems okay. Whatever the forum software can support.

Or perhaps, just configuring the forum to stop prompting to mark a response as the answer/solution. :slight_smile: Does prompting provide value? Maybe, I don’t know. The box with “Accepted Answer/Solution” in each response are okay, if a bit big and distracting – but then the lower panel of the browser is also filled with “Did you get the answer to your question?” in a big yellow box. Would be nice to get rid of that.

Moving such items to another section would have its pros and cons. I would never advocate for anything to be marked with “best practice” – there is no such thing.

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Yes, we see more people setting the answer after we introduced it :slight_smile:

Yes, I know it can be annoying for experienced users, but for new users it gets more attention. We could probably hide it for Gurus :wink:

How do we name the tag for topics that don’t have a “right answer”?

  • Discussion
  • Conversation
  • Talks

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Completely your call. My only objective is to not be constantly asked to mark an answer. :slight_smile:

I am also not a fan of the form-based new topic. Too “support ticket-y” :slight_smile: But that’s another topic.