CD is failed to installed


I have installed Software AG 10.11.
When I open the Integration server page /Common directory Services, then facing the below error
CD is Failed to installed.
I have verified again but It is installed .
Could you please help me to resolve the issue.


Increase your IS Logging level to Debug and then post the full error messages here.
Uninstall the component, reinstall it and install the latest fixes.


Hi Kasi Mugada,

Thanks for your response and I will update you after reinstalling the component.


Hi Kasi Mugada,

I have re-installed even though facing the same issue, for reference attaching the Server logs and screenshot.
Could you please help to resolve this issue.

server.log (332.2 KB)

Error - The screenshot shows a new error where it says “CDS is not configured”, so I assume that you don’t have an installation error anymore?

Configuration - In the screenshot, you’re trying to fetch the Roles screen but have you configured the “Directory Services” above Roles and validated the same? For Roles/Groups/Users to be fetched, the configuration must be completed first.

Post a screenshot of the “Directory Services” configuration, if you’ve already configured it.

CDS References -

  1. CDS Requirements on IS (link)

  2. Configuring CDS (link)

Logs -

I also noticed the following in the logs -

  1. 2022-08-26 10:44:28 IST [ISS.0030.0013E] (tid=92) An exception was encountered while processing an administrative request. See the error log for details: CDS is not configured(this corresponds to the message on the screenshot)

  2. 2022-08-26 10:40:23 IST [ISS.0030.0012E] (tid=92) ERROR: The Admin API routing file contains a duplicate. Both and have a method of POST and logically identical URLs(this is when the init operation executes for WmCDS and needs to be investigated; check if this package shows as fully loaded in the Package Management space)


Make sure you have created the required database tables that CDS requires.
You can use the wM Database Component Configurator application. Then select type = create, version = latest and then select Component.
From the list of Components, select CommonDirectoryServices.

You will need to fill in the appropriate connection info to your wM database so the tables can be created. Therefore, select the RDBMS ypu are using and fill in the required URL values.
The user name / Password are the user that webMethods connection to the database (this is usually a separate DB user).
If your wM database is already created you do not have to select “Create database and database user”. If you are using wM with a real RDBMS I assume you’ve done this already.

Then when the above is done you can restart the IS and you should see that CDS is configured.

I have done it even though the same issue.

Hi Kasi Mugada,

Yes has you assume, don’t have an installation error.
But couldn’t understand this " configured the “Directory Services ” above Roles and validated the same? For Roles/Groups/Users to be fetched, the configuration must be completed first."

Please help me out.


Can you post a screenshot of this page -

I shared 2 links above; give them a read.


I am facing the same issue
Can you please help me out regarding this

Did you follow the suggestions mentioned above?

Yes i have followed

Please provide more information.
Do you see error messages in the server.log file during startup?
Have you checked the JDBC pool alias for “CentralUsers” is setup and associated?