webMethods Service Designer 10.15 release announcement

Software AG is pleased to announce the release of webMethods Service Designer 10.15.

Some of the key highlights of this release are:

  • Service thread isolation

Designer allows you to limit the number of concurrent executions of a service to minimize the issues that a few services might cause by consuming all the available resources to respond to a request in Integration Server.

  • Additional properties for custom packages

Designer now includes optional properties only for custom packages. The properties are Display Name, Trusted, Status, and Tags. You can view and change these properties on the Package Attributes screen.

  • Automated package documentation

An automatically generated package home page can now replace the default Welcome page created for custom packages. The updated package home page displays the package metadata, executable services, and REST API descriptors for the package. Documentation can be generated from Designer or by calling the new pub.packages:updateHomePage built-in service.

  • Support service-based output validation in webMethods Test Suite

The new comparator type allows you to override the default comparator in webMethods Test Suite with an Integration Server service that has a custom assertion logic. The service signature must conform to the wm.spec:result_comparator specification in the WmServiceMock package.

  • Option to skip reloading of dependent packages

Designer includes an option to skip package reloading when the package dependencies are reloaded or replaced.

  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes.

webMethods Service Designer 10.15 is available for download now from webMethods Service Designer Free download. The license expires on Oct 31, 2023.

Guide to download and install webMethods Service Designer free download

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