New webMethods Ideas Portal for webMethods feature requests


Ideas are the key to innovation. We need a continuous cycle of ideas, feedback, and requests to keep growing and improving our products. From live conversations with our customers to product suggestions from end-users, idea collection helps us become more customer centric. One of the channels for collecting ideas is our new webMethods Ideas portal.

webMethods Ideas Portal is our new official feature request system for submitting, commenting and voting on ideas for our products. It can be accessed via Empower → Feature Requests page on

The portal is intuitive and user friendly where customers can submit their ideas to enhance and improve our products. Customers can vote, comment, and watch other customer’s ideas. They can edit their own ideas in the portal after they have been submitted.

There is an intuitive and effective search capability for related ideas. The portal allows easy way to collaborate and share feedback via votes and comments and get your voice heard.

The ability for users to vote and comment on ideas is especially important because it adds the users as subscribers. Subscribers are automatically notified when status changes and admin comments are made. This makes it simple to engage interested stakeholders for further feedback on an idea as well as easily notify stakeholders when their idea has been shipped.

We have many ideas being entered on the webMethods Ideas portal and we appreciate your feedback on our products. As Product Managers evaluate these ideas, please keep in mind they are considering this idea against technical feasibility, overall product roadmap and strategy, overall demand and its impact on end user experience. Hence, not all ideas make it to our product roadmap. You may find that some ideas are put into the status “Under Consideration” because as much as we like the idea, we can only consider it in a year or two down the road.

Brainstorm is currently available for read-only access to existing feature requests, but all new Feature Requests can only be submitted via our new webMethods Ideas Portal. We will migrate the feature requests that are being considered for future releases from Brainstorm to the new Aha! Ideas portal.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the webMethods Ideas Portal.

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I have created an idea, but it seems to be only visible for me and internal users.
Is there any approval process before the idea gets visible for everyone?

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The product manager will make the idea visible to everyone once it has been moderated.
This is to ensure the idea is understood, is not a duplicate, etc


How long does it take to moderate an idea? The idea is still not visible.
Regards, Dries

What is your idea reference ?
I can check for you, generally should be 7-14 days to decide if an idea will be made visible to everyone.

What is your idea reference ?

IS-I-35 (created on 19 Oct)
Regards, Dries