Cumulocity IoT Oct 2022 update

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.14, is now available - and we continue our mission to enable our customers and partners to be smarter and faster in a world that constantly demands faster and better results.

Our latest release contains improvements and fixes affecting platform services, applications, devices management and connectivity, as well as streaming analytics.

A preview of our anticipated Digital Twin Manager allows you to create a hierarchy of assets and devices. Create a digital representation of your real-world hierarchy of devices. The Digital Twin Manager enables you to run simulations, study performance issues and generate possible improvements – all to make your physical equipment as efficient as possible.

Intuitive and hierarchical navigation for asset hierarchies that have been modelled with the Digital Twin Manager can now be achieved using the Cockpit application.

Custom Cockpit configuration enables you to efficiently enable desired Cockpit features. Configure your Cockpit application to match your individual needs for a customized experience.

Widgets now support the New Asset Selector, improving navigation time across all groups and devices applicable to your initially selected widget.

Advanced Software Management helps you manage different types of software and services across all your IoT devices. For example, the Software repository and Software device tabs within the Device Management app, now allow for better user interaction with long software lists and typed software.

New Services tab in Device Manager allows you to monitor services that run on your IoT devices. With devices being able to announce their services you gain greater flexibility and control in managing devices.

New library of sample models for Analytics Builder allows you to quickly implement the behavior of existing smart rules and helps new customers to get started creating their own Analytics Builder models.

​​​​​​​In-product documentation allows you to easily refer to relevant documentation with a simple click of a button from within the user interface. Always be in-the-know concerning your favorite IoT solution.

You can refer to the Cumulocity IoT 10.14 release notes for the full details on everything included in this release.

If you’re interested in IoT on lightweight devices at the edge for ultra-fast analytics, greater reach of IoT solutions and lower infrastructure costs, we would love to connect you with one of our IoT edge computing experts, to discuss our newest extension of the Cumulocity IoT product family, Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge.

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