webMethods 10.15 release announcement

We are excited to announce the launch of the webMethods 10.15 release.

Here are some of the new innovations and other product updates:

  • Email notifications in Integration Server can now use an OAuth2 token for authentication instead of Basic Authentication.
  • The Integration Server Administrator API includes support for alerts, allowing alerts to be created and triggered via the API. Additionally, clustering can now be configured via the API.
  • Health metrics in Integration Server include liveness and readiness probes at /health/liveness and /health/readiness, respectively.
  • An API can be published from more than one Software AG Designer without duplicating the API in API Gateway.
  • CloudStreams Server provides support for Microsoft ® Azure® Shared Account Access (SAS) Authentication and Authorization mechanism, which allows secure delegated access to the resources in your Azure storage account. The support extends to the Service SAS and Account SAS authentication types.
  • webMethods Active Transfer provides a built-in deployment tool to allow the deployment of objects across multiple instances (Dev/QA/Prod).
  • Microservice patterns can be extended to the API Gateway world to make the APIs resilient. One such pattern is Bulkhead, wherein, elements of an application are isolated into pools, so that if one fails, the others continue to function.
  • API Gateway container registry has recently moved from DockerHub to https://containers.softwareag.com
  • Developer Portal can now host assets other than APIs. Users can define the type of asset and additional fields related to the asset and create a gallery to list instances of the asset.
  • Users can now try the Developer Portal for free with limited capability indefinitely.
  • In the Command Central user interface, in addition to the options to specify a user/password pair and SSH key credentials, you can now specify only a password as a secret value.
  • The SSH client of Command Central supports key-exchange algorithms for - Bootstrapping Platform Manager remotely, creating an installation on a new remote machine and cross-host migration.
  • WmBusinessRules runtime can start up and operate without a DB connection or DB tables.
  • webMethods 10.15 products are compiled with Azul JDK 11. Software AG delivers the JDK with its products. Software AG products are tested and supported with this shipped version of JDK.

Find more information: webMethods 10.15 Release Highlights
For more details, please check out the webMethods Release Notes 10.15 on https://documentation.softwareag.com/