webMethods 10.11 Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the launch of the webMethods and webMethods.io 10.11 releases. Available now, webMethods 10.11 contains important new innovations and many new capabilities to explore in the areas of operational analytics, cloud-based MFT, API Management and partner enablement.

Here are some of the key new innovations and product updates:

  • Our new webMethods DataHub allows you to leverage analytics directly from your integrations using a zero-code solution.
  • The new MFT solution in the cloud (integrated within the webMethods.io platform) enables you to securely share and transfer files.
  • With Software AG’s new Developer Portal, you can re-imagine the way you manage and promote APIs, microservices and other assets. This new portal has a much simpler and leaner architecture. Developer Portal is a fully API-enabled, headless, and pluggable solution.
  • The webMethods.io Connector Ecosystem, a new program for partners and customers to create connectors and recipes with a developer kit that will appear in a connector marketplace.
  • An enhanced end-to-end development and monitoring experience within webMethods.io uses new multi-persona support and context-based guidance
  • New AppMesh enhancements allow for a simple way to expose private, microservices based APIs to the public.
  • An updated, seamless migration from on-prem TN to webMethods.io B2B allows you to leverage our tools and documentation to migrate assets and services.
  • The creation of docker images of a Microservices Runtime is now easier and supported without the web services functionality.
  • Software AG products are tested and supported with Azul JDK 11 – and webMethods 10.11 now ships with it.

You can find more product details in our release notes on the Software AG Documentation site.

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