The new B2B April release is open for business B2B

The April 2020 product update to Software AG’s fully hosted, SaaS-based B2B Integration solution focuses on usability and enriched functionality.

Several prominent, exciting new features and refinements are now available in April release for B2B’s.

Chief among these is XML Document Support, which enables EDI developers to extract, build, and customize XML documents from an existing schema.  Users are able to match XML document types to a sample XML file—then test to see what processing rules match an already submitted XML document.

XML documents are further powered through the addition of customized XML attributes, providing users the ability to specify and name fields within processing rules to enhance rule execution for any XML document.

Fig. 1: B2B Document screen

The April release also introduces major functionality for the control of multiple B2B cloud instances.

Now users can register and manage multiple environments. Named environments (Dev, QA, Production) can deploy assets across registered environments. An import/export function increases ease-of-use for moving assets across environments.

Additionally, deployment logs display all deployment activity occurring between environments, including who deployed assets—and when.

At a glance, other significant updates include:

  • Extended trading partner field support allows custom data to be transferred to, enabling additional logic to be added to XML or EDI documents for use within processing flows.
  • Expanded role-based access includes roles for administrator, developer, and user.
  • End to End monitoring to trace data integrations across Software AG’s  iPaaS suite
  • Data purging with scheduling options.
  • Transaction monitoring has been enhanced to include envelope grouping and color coding for easy error identification (Fig 2).

Fig. 2: End-To-End Monitoring

As with the original clarity and design of B2B’s user-interface, the listed enhancements have all been designed to accelerate usability and help speed time-to-market.

Please feel to take B2B test drive by clicking here for quick registration.