webMethods.io B2B Accelerates new feature enhancements

There’s a lot to talk about in the latest release of Software AG’s fully hosted, SaaS-based B2B integration offering webMethods.io B2B.

Beginning on August 3rd, exciting new features, refinements, the introduction of RosettaNet, and a brand-new home page are all ready-for-use and sampling when you register for a webMethods.io B2B Free Trial.

Figure 1: Home Page – webMethods.io B2B

Comprehensive XML document support

webMethods.io B2B’s recently released XML document support, which enables EDI developers to extract, build and customize XML documents.

We now support document creation through an XML schema, sample XML file - or built from a Document Type Definition (DTD) from an existing schema.

This new function compliments the existing ability to match XML document types to a sample XML file, allowing quick identification of duplicate document types.

Further supporting ease-of-use, your XML documents are powered through the addition of customized XML attributes, providing users the ability to specify and name fields within processing rules to enhance rule execution for any XML document.

Figure 2: webMethods.io B2B Document screen

Communication Channel Expansion, including SFTP and RosettaNet

webMethods.io B2B provides deep out-of-the-box EDI support for ANSI X12, UNEDIFACT, EANCOM, ODETTE, UCS, VICS, VDA, TRADACOMS and XML document types, sent and received over AS2 and HTTP.

With the new August 3rd release, you can now send/receive EDI and XML documents with SFTP client support - AND with the newly added RosettaNet (RNIF) industry standard.

Enhanced Analytics

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of significantly enhanced, full transaction-centric dashboards.

Figure 3: Full, transaction-centric dashboards

The new dashboards provide a powerful tool for EDI managers who need to quikly understand and report on:

  • Overall transaction status
  • Cross partner metrics
  • Transaction visualization
  • Overall error status

At a glance, other significant updates include:

Control number Support

Control numbers definitions can now be used to ensure that business documents exchanged between you and your partners are processed in a sequence. This means none of your documents are lost or left unprocessed.

Processing Rule enhancements

  • Email alerts can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients when a specific processing rule is executed.
  • You can now configure the processing rule to call an integration from webMethods.io Integration by selecting the project, flow service created by user.

Audit Log Additions

Audit logging has been expanded to include general, deployment and transactional activities for better error resolution and overall transaction monitoring.

All the audit log activities are accessibility presented in one easy-to-use, consolidated interface.

To experience all these new additions in context, we recommend you take a free, webMethods.io B2B test drive by clicking here for quick registration.