Getting to know webMethods 10.15

webMethods 10.15 is now here! But what does this mean for you? Get to know the new webMethods features and highlights built to simplify and enhance your digital transformation journey.

Create your Unified API Marketplace in webMethods Developer Portal

One of the most exciting new features is now part of our webMethods API Management platform. Using the new Unified API Marketplace, you’ll be able to successfully treat your APIs as products in a dedicated, customizable marketplace. With a chameleon-like ability to appear as a branded website as well as extensive features to encourage interaction, the Developer Portal enables you to create a rich ecosystem for APIs to be shared and promoted. It comes with a fully functional UI, but you can also create your own – you have a choice. You’ll be able to build and grow a true API marketplace with interactive communities that collaborate on all API-related assets throughout the API lifecycle.

Embrace embedded connectivity with Embed & webMethods Integration

Using the new Embedded Workflow Editor part of Embed, you’ll be able to embed your integrations, enabling webMethods’ sophisticated integration capabilities to be dropped into any application. With its 550+ connectors to apps and data on premises and in the cloud, smart orchestration and easy workflow design, you’ll be able to rapidly extend the power of your solutions to interact with other applications—all while keeping it seamlessly tied in within your offering.

Simplify your partner interactions with a 360-degree Trading Partners view in B2B

In day-to-day B2B operations, knowing what is going on with your trading partners is essential. Finding all the assets associated with a single partner can be a tedious task, especially if the partner has complex capabilities. The new partner 360-degree view in B2B allows you to easily see those assets such as: identities, security certificates, transaction, document types, partner users, processing rules, agreements and all communication protocols being used.

Along with having all these links at your fingertips, each asset type is clickable to swiftly take you to where you need to go. Many of the asset types allow mouse-over support to give even more information quickly and efficiently - such as when certificates are set to expire.

Automate software deployment in private clouds with webMethods Container Registry

Many organizations are moving to private cloud for reasons of security, data protection and control. But deploying applications in the cloud is a complex process with many new tools, requiring advanced expertise. Automation is critical to ensuring high quality releases within reasonable timeframes. The webMethods Container registry reflects an understanding of how software is deployed today and simplifies the work of IT, creating a predictable, automated CI/CD pipeline with minimal room for manual error.

webMethods Container registry ensures both faster release cycles for patches as well as easier installation, creating higher quality solutions.

Explore webMethods 10.15 in detail. Join us for a webinar!

Join Subhash Ramachandran (SVP, Product Management, Software AG) and find out more about the exciting new features and highlights, now part of webMethods 10.15.

November 3, 2022, 9AM SGT | 12PM AEDT
Webinar: webMethods 10.15 Highlights & 2023 Roadmap (APJ)

November 3, 2022, 8AM EST | 1PM CET | 8PM SGT
Webinar: webMethods 10.15 Highlights & 2023 Roadmap (EMEA)

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