Alfabet 10.15 release announcement

Alfabet 10.15 is another milestone in the product’s transformation into a future-fit platform meeting the needs of a broad base of IT planning and management stakeholders. The new release maintains the product’s wide functional scope while embracing a new technological foundation that paves the way for Alfabet’s mid- and long-term roadmap. Highlights:

Data Quality Rules: New facility for ensuring data completeness and correctness through customer-defined data quality rules, data quality scoring, and context-specific data quality analysis directly in the Alfabet interface.

Smart Data Workbench: State-of-the-art approach to data management and analytics providing user-determined visualizations that are ad-hoc, information-rich, pliant and appealing. Now with Kanban-like pivot matrices, Gantt charts, and word clouds.

Support for External Bots: Usage of external bots created with Microsoft Virtual Agent or Open Dialog for user assistance that is familiar and recognizes proprietary content.

Enhanced Diagramming: Object modelling in Alfabet diagrams without the need to semantically describe them. Provides flexibility in solution planning and facilitates Archimate-style diagramming.