Guide to Downloading and installing the webMethods Free Trial Version

System requirements

For information on the system requirements please refer to the webMethods documentation.

Video tutorials

You can also follow the guide in the video or tutorials here.

Guide to Downloading and installing the webMethods Free Trial Version

Please, note that this guide is based on Windows 7 and 10 OS installation process. 

1. Download the installer and image files as indicated below based on your operating system from here:

Download webMethods Integration Free Trial Here

Files for WINDOWS Based installation

Files for Linux based installation

1. SoftwareAGInstaller20221018-w64

1. SoftwareAGInstaller20221018-Linux_x86_64.bin



2. If you are going to run the installer on a Windows system, you must have Windows system administrator privileges. On a Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, or later system, if you want to use the jar file rather than the exe to start the installer, you must execute the jar file from within a command shell that has system administrator privileges.

3. Once you launch the installer SoftwareAGInstaller20221018-w64.exe, select Advanced Options... from the Welcome Panel and go to the Images tab as shown below.

4.Navigate and select the appropriate image file by clicking the Browse… button.

  • Select the image file for Windows 
  • For a Linux based installation, select

5. Once you select the appropriate image file, click on Validate Image to ensure the image you downloaded is not corrupt. 

This may take a few minutes, but once it is complete you can proceed.

Proceed to the next step by clicking OK

6. From the Welcome panel, click the Next > button and accept the default or specify a different Installation directory:, confirm the Hostname or IP address: of the machine you are installing on and the Start Menu group name: for the webMethods installation.

Click Next > to proceed.

7. Select all product(s) or a subset that you would like to install and click Next > as shown below. Based on your product selection, required components will be automatically selected. Please note that the installation steps shown below may differ based on your product selection.

8. Read the license agreement and indicate whether you accept the terms. To read the third-party license agreements, you need Internet access. If you do not have Internet access, you can go to a machine that has Internet access and enter in a browser.

9. Proceed with the Installation by providing the License key file, installation ports and database to connect to as required. You will be able to download the license key from the same location where you downloaded the product image and webMethods Installer.

When you save the license from the browser, open the saved license file to make sure that the first line of line starts with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?> . Depending on the browser, this line can be different. If you see a different line, please change it to

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>

Proceed with installation by loading the license key:

Click Next > to proceed.

You can either choose external RDBMS or embeded database. For more details please refer to webMethods Installation Guide.


Click Next > to proceed.

Click Next > to proceed.

If you do not provide all database connection data in below step the Installation will be successful but ActiveTransfer Server or Gateway may not start after installation.

Click Next > to proceed.

If you do not provide all database connection data in below step the Installation will be successful but Trading Network may not start after installation.

Click Next > to proceed.

If you do not provide all database connection information in below step the Installation will be successful but MWS may not start after installation.

Click Next > to proceed.

Click Next > to proceed.

10. The installer installs the products and related items and then displays the installation complete panel. Click Install > to proceed.

Product installation will start. You will be able to see the progress bar as shown below:

Based on the products you have chosen during the installation, you'll see a different list of installed products.

 Note: License Key Files might not have corresponding version numbers, as Reference License Keys are implemented since 10.x Release.

  ActiveTransfer Server/Gateway 10.5
      webMethods Adapter 10.3 for JDBC
      webMethods Adapter 10.1 for SAP
      webMethods EntireX Adapter 10.5
  Asset Build Environment 10.5
  BigMemory Max 4.3
  CloudStreams Server 10.5
  Database Configuration
      Database Component Configurator 10.5
      ActiveTransfer Database Scripts 10.5
      API Gateway Database Scripts 10.5
      Business Rules Engine Database Scripts 10.5
      CloudStreams Database Scripts 10.5
      Integration Server and Microservices Runtime Database Scripts 10.5
      Integration Server and Microservices Runtime Embedded Database Scripts 10.5
      Monitor Database Scripts 10.5
      My webMethods Server Database Scripts 10.5
      webMethods OneData Database Scripts 10.5
      Optimize Central Configuration Database Scripts 10.5
      Optimize Database Scripts 10.5
      Process Engine Database Scripts 10.5
      Trading Networks Database Scripts 10.5
      Eclipse 4.11
      Shared Plug-ins
         BigMemory Max Integration 4.3
          BIRT 4.11
          Branding and Naming 10.5
          Branding and Naming for DataDirect Drivers 10.5
          Broker Integration 10.5
          CentraSite Integration 10.5
          Database Drivers 10.5
          Digital Event Services Integration 10.5
          Glue Integration 8.0
          Installer Integration 10.5
          JCR Integration 10.5
          Landscape Asset Repository 10.5
          License Validator
          Metadata 10.5
          Modeling  10.5
          Optimize Integration 10.5
          Universal Messaging Integration 10.5
      Application Platform
          Application Platform Development
          Service Integration 10.5
      Business Processes
          Process Development 10.5
          ARIS Integration 10.5
          Events Integration 10.5
      CloudStreams Development 10.5
      Digital Events Services 10.5
      Events Development 10.5
          Service Development 10.5
          Local Version Control Integration 10.5
          SAP Integration 10.1
      SOA Governance
          CentraSite 10.5
          Business Process Integration 10.5
      Web Services Stack 10.5
      webMethods Module 8.2 SP1 for EDIINT
      webMethods Module 9.12 for EDI
          Program Files
                  Release 2016
                  Version 50xx
      Asset Build Environment Scripts
          ActiveTransfer Assets 10.5
          AgileApps Assets 10.13
          API Gateway Assets 10.5
          Application Platform Assets 10.5
          BPM Assets 10.5
          Business Rules Assets 10.5
          CloudStreams Assets 10.5
          Command Central Assets 10.5
          Digital Event Services Assets 10.5
          Event Routing Assets 10.5
          Integration Server Assets 10.5
          My webMethods Server Assets 10.5
          Optimize Assets 10.5
          Trading Networks Assets 10.5
          Universal Messaging Assets 10.5
      Common C/C++ Runtime
      Event Routing Event Type Store 10.5
      Integration Core 10.5
      Java Package 1.8
          Shared Libraries 10.5
          BigMemory Max Libraries 4.3
          Broker Libraries 10.5
          CentraSite Libraries 10.5
          Common Libraries for OpenSSL 10.5
          Composite Applications Runtime 10.5
          Database Component Configurator Core 10.5
          Database Driver Libraries 10.5
          Designer Libraries 10.5
          Digital Event Services 10.5
          Glue Libraries 8.0
          Installer Libraries 10.5
          Migration Framework Libraries 10.5
          My webMethods Server Libraries 10.5
          Optimize Libraries 10.5
          Security Libraries 10.5
          Terracotta Libraries
              Ehcache Client Libraries  10.5
              Shared Libraries 10.5
              TCStore Client Libraries
                      Core Java APIs  10.5
                      Textual Query Language Extension APIs  10.5
                      Transaction APIs  10.5
          Third-Party Libraries
              Application Server Libraries 10.5 for Glassfish
              Base Security Libraries 10.5
              Data Modeling Libraries 10.5
              DBMS Libraries 10.5
              Framework Libraries 10.5 for Spring
              log4j Libraries 10.5
              Logging Libraries for Java 10.5
              Multi-Purpose Libraries 10.5 for Java
              Swagger Libraries 10.5
              Third-Party Libraries 10.5 for Apache
              Tool for Apache Ant 10.5
              Tool for Java Service Wrapper 10.5
              Web Service Libraries 10.5
              Web Servlet Libraries 10.5
              XML Binding Libraries 10.5 for JAXB
              XML Parser Libraries 10.5
              XML Security Libraries 10.5
          Universal Messaging Libraries 10.5
          Library for Java
      Platform Manager 10.5
      Platform Manager Plug-ins
          Adapter Plug-in 10.5
          BigMemory Max Plug-in 10.5
          Event Routing Plug-in 10.5
          Integration Server Plug-ins
              Server Plug-in 10.5
              ActiveTransfer Plug-in 10.5
          MashZone NextGen Plug-in 10.5
          My webMethods Server Plug-ins
              Server Plug-in 10.5
          Trading Networks Plug-ins
              Server Plug-in 10.5
              Trading Networks UI Plug-in 10.5
          Universal Messaging Plug-in 10.5
      Shared Platform
          Platform 10.5
              Shared Bundles 10.5
              BigMemory Max Bundles 10.5
              Broker Bundles 10.5
              Central Security Bundles (ZSL)
                  ZSL esapi Bundle 10.5
              Common Landscape Asset Registry 10.5
              Common Monitoring Provider Bundle
                  API 10.5
                  Implementations 10.5
              Composite Applications Runtime Bundles 10.5
              Database Driver Bundles 10.5
              Deployer and Asset Build Environment Bundles 10.5
              Digital Event Services
                  Runtime Bundles 10.5
                  Shared Bundles 10.5
              Event Routing
                  Runtime Bundles 10.5
                  Shared Bundles 10.5
              Glue Bundles 8.0
              Installer Bundles 10.5
              Integration Server Bundles 10.5
              License Validator Bundles
              Terracotta Bundles
                  Ehcache Bundles 10.5
                  Shared Bundles 10.5
                  TCStore Bundles 10.5
              Universal Messaging Bundles 10.5
              Web Services Stack Bundles 10.5
              Runtime 10.5
      Shared User Interface
          Monitor Support 10.5
          Optimize Support 10.5
      Web Services Stack
          Core Files 10.5
  Integration Server
      Server 10.5
      ActiveTransfer Support 10.5
      Trading Networks Server 10.5
  Integration Server or Microservices Runtime Libraries
      CentraSite Asset Publisher Support 10.5
      Common Directory Service Support 10.5
      External RDBMS Support 10.5
      Terracotta Support 10.5
  Integration Server or Microservices Runtime Packages
      Deployer 10.5
      Deployment Support for AgileApps 10.13
      Deployment Support for CloudStreams 10.5
      Deployment Support for Universal Messaging  10.5
      Deployment Support for webMethods Broker  10.5
      Logging Utility 9.6
      WmDB 10.5
  MashZone NextGen Server 10.5
  My webMethods Server
      Server 10.5
      Business Administration 10.5
      Diagnostic Tools 10.5
  My webMethods User Interfaces
      ActiveTransfer UI 10.5
      Integration Server UI 10.5
      Monitor UI 10.5
      Trading Networks UI 10.5
      Ehcache Client Libraries  10.5
      TCStore Client Libraries
          Core Java APIs 10.5
          Textual Query Language Extension APIs 10.5
          Transaction APIs 10.5
  Universal Messaging
      Realm Server 10.5
      Client Libraries 10.5
      Instance Manager 10.5
      Enterprise Manager 10.5
      Broker to UM Migration Utility 10.5
      Template Applications 10.5

11. Ensure the products you selected have been installed in the installation directory and now you can use the Start menu to start the servers installed.

You might get an error message in the end of the installation (During installation there was 1 reported or warning), which can be found in the logs “The system cannot find the file C:\SoftwareAG\wm1015_3\MWS\server\default\bin\”. This will have no impact on running the Free Trial and you can just ignore it. In case there are other errors that don’t allow services to work as expected please post your issue in the Tech Community Forum.

Install Command Central

Command Central cannot be installed directly from the Installer. You can download it for free and install using the below commands:


cc-def-10.15-fix1-w64.bat --accept-license -d C:\SoftwareAG


sh -d /opt/softwareag

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the file is not found anywhere.

how can i get it.

Hi @Aladdin_Saleh,

You can request the webMethods Free Trial from here:
webMethods Integration Free Trial Download. Just follow the Download free trial button on the page image.

After submitting the form successfully, you’ll see download links for all the files you need to install the webMethods Free Trial:

  • Windows installer (SoftwareAGInstaller20221018-w64)
  • Windows archive (64bit)( and
  • License Key

You will also receive an email with all the necessary download links.