webMethods Integration Free Trial 10.2 is out and now includes ActiveTransfer Agents

We’re pleased to announce the availability of webMethods Integration Free Trial 10.2. This latest version provides significant enhancements in every functional area of the suite and, as a part of the Innovation Release, is intended for customers who want to get their hands on new features and capabilities as quickly as possible, before the standard October release.

This new free trial offers 9 key products, including the newly added ActiveTransfer Agents:

  • Integration Server
  • SAP Adapter
  • DBC Adapter
  • CloudStreams
  • Universal Messaging
  • Trading Networks
  • ActiveTransfer
  • ActiveTransfer Agents
  • Mashzone NextGen

Launched in April, webMethods Active Transfers Agents are the latest addition to the webMethods Free Trial. Agents are lightweight applications that allow administrators to remotely exchange automated file transfers between centralized servers or desktops and any number of remote locations.

Download your free trial copy today.
Do not hesitate to post your questions and feedback here in the webMethods Free Trial forum.

why webMethods does not provide oracle ebusiness adapters any more ?

I downloaded the free trail for webMethods and associated 180 day license key but the installer asking for username and password . When I type my username and password to the site it says it is invalid . I tried the customer ID in the license file no uck.

Where I do get the username and password install the free trial webMethods

Looks like you are new to wM. There are several ways to install the product suite either by empower login credentials or by using the downloaded image file. In your case install using the image file you just downloaded from the forum. For info on the installation there is a link available on the forum with step-by-step instructions.

Any questions feel free to contact me via email or here.

Last time I used webMethods was in 2004 with Siebel. I did not work on this product since then

Thanks M@he$h. I will

I am trying to integrate webMethods with Oracle EBusiness Applications for Financials. People are doing it with PL/SQL wrapped as a Rest API on oracle tables and integrating with WM. it is not a effective way to dot it.
Wm used provide ebus app adapters with pre built 50+transaction services on the adapter like GL transactions , PO so on. Where can I find these adapters. May be now after Software AG acquisition of webMethods have they discontinued to provide these adapter because of oracle is a competitor.

I have the manual for this WMethods adapter for EBUS Application but no adapter to try.

If you are referring to Oracle Apps Adapter which supports transactions then it is still part of the product suite and that is not exposed to the public as part of free evaluation. The adapters included in the free trail copy is jdbc and sap adapters. You might have to reach out to your sag account or sales representative. Hope this information helps you.

Hi Team,

I have download 10.2 version however I am not able to find estandards for B2B transactions .I havent seen anything in the installer as well .Does 10.2 trail version doesn’t have e-standards ?


Hi Madhu,

We had to temporarily take those components out but they’ll be available anew this week. I’ll let you know once this happens. Please, note, that in order to install them you’ll have to download the new installation images we’re currently uploading.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Fatima,

Do you have any update on the new release which includes estandards(EDI Module,EDIINT)?


Hi Madhu,

The latest version of the trial is available as of today and now includes EDI/EDIINT modules.
Thanks for your patience. Let us know if you need further assistance.


Can some one provide the link to download just the license keys for SAG10.2 ?

Hi Gireesh,

The license keys are part of the download email you’ll receive once you request a free trial. Everything you need to finish the installation is in there.

Hope that helps.


Where is the webMethods MQ Adapter…

i could not find it on the installer.

can i install after the main installation with adding jar files from IBM MQ?

please help…

i dont want to try MQ messaging via webMethods JDBC Adapter

Hi Ulas,

The webMethods MQ adapter is not a part of the free trial. The only the JDBC adapter is.


How can i manually install the MQ Adapter?

I must be possible !

Is it a licensing issue, that the mq adapter is not included in the trial version ?

Hi Ulas,

No, it’s not an issue. The adapter is just not a part of the free trial version.