Error while installing webMethods 10.11 trail version

I am installing webMethods version 10.11 but i got the error

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.


@mrsrinivas27 As the installer is suggesting did you check your environment variables to see if they have the conflicting path to the SAGInstaller? Have you tried this before failed and retried again with a new installer? Please check and let us know.


hello @Sreekanth_Siddapur_Channakeshava i also have this problem occurred during my installation, i tried multiple times reinstalling but im still getting this message while re-installing the SoftwareAG.
what does it mean by environment variables conflicting path ? below is my environment variables


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In the screenshot dated Feb22 in the first post, it is clear that the environment variable CLASSPATH had a possible conflict (last line in the image).
Can you check in your case what is the exact environment variable? And then check the environment variable value .


do we have any sample values on what must be environment variables?

I see this error:

The Software AG Installer has detected a possible conflict because Java is loading class from the jar file C:\Users\sande\AppData\Local\Temp_MEI9722\resources\sagInstaller.jar. Please ensure that the following environment variables and Java settings do not contain paths to conflicting Software AG Installer jars: CLASSPAT

Hi @Sandeep_Deepala
There cannot be any sample values suggested for the Environment variables since they are dependent on the operating system.
You can however check your environment variable "CLASSPATH " to see if they are obvious conflicts that the installer is pointing out.
Do you have any other SAG installers on your system and have you had failed installations earlier?


Hi …any windows sample values ? I unistalled the previous failed versions.

I had the same error with 20211015 Installer but with 20220221 the problem got away.

any download link from where you have downloaded 20220221 installer ?

Please check webMethods installer version : 20220221 - #2 by Nagendra_Prasad

Latest trail version is downloading with SoftwareAGInstaller20211025-w64.exe, iam not sure where 20220221 installer is present

I wasn’t using a trial, but downoad from Empower (there is even more recent installer version available now).

Hi @Nagendra_Prasad …is it possible provide latest installer version present in empower for trail purpose?

Hi Sandeep,

afaik, the free trial comes as a pre-packed image which can be used with any Installer identical or newer to the one used to build this image.


Hi Holger,

Iam looking for 20220221 installer , as Iam unable to install with installer provided with Trail.

@Nagendra_Prasad I guess it would be good idea to share previous trail versions at a single location, rather than searching whole tech forum website.

Hi @Sandeep_Deepala ,
As far as I know, the installer versions are periodically updated , I’m not sure if multiple versions of installer are available at same time.
I would wait to see if someone from the installer team has any thoughts on this.


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