Software AG Installation failed on Ubuntu

How can I solve this error?
Where I can check the log?

[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Extracting payload to /tmp/saginstaller.4033 …
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Payload is ready
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Starting Software AG Installer …
/tmp/saginstaller.4033/jvm/bin/java -cp /tmp/saginstaller.4033/sagInstaller.jar com.wm.distman.install.DistManInstallMain
SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin: 1: eval: /tmp/saginstaller.4033/jvm/bin/java: Exec format error
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] ERROR: Installation failed (2).
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Please check the log and search for errors.
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Correct the situation and try again.
[SoftwareAGInstaller20210716-Linux_x86_64.bin] Cleaning up /tmp/saginstaller.4033…


you can check if there are any errors in the logs under <install_dir>IntegrationServer/instances/logs and <install_dir>install/logs directory


It looks like a binary vs platform issue, check out the solutions here (link).

Note - Assuming you’re trying to install 10.7, note that IS support for Ubuntu is only available in a Docker runtime setup, and not for traditional on-premises installation.

CentOS 7 - I recommend that you switch to CentOS 7 instead, to avoid platform issues. CentOS does have a GUI like Ubuntu, when you download a GNOME image.

Documentation - System Requirements are documented here (link).


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