webMethods (self-hosted) Free Trial FAQs

I never received the email with download instructions. What could be the problem?

Please wait for couple of hours and check your ‘junk’ folder. Make sure your spam filters allow email from Software AG email information@marketing.softwareag.com.

If it has been 24 hours and you have still not received your email, please email Tech Community and we can check what happened.

Which components of webMethods does this free trial version contain?

This free trial contains 11 key products:

  • Integration Server
  • Universal Messaging
  • SAP Adapter
  • JDBC Adapter
  • CloudStreams
  • Trading Networks
  • ActiveTransfer
  • ActiveTransfer Agents
  • Mashzone NextGen
  • EDI/EDIINT modules
  • Terracotta

What is the download size?

webMethods Integration (self-hosted) Free Trial download size is 3.2 GB and depending on your network speed it may take a while to download.

How long is the free trial license valid for?

The current webMethods Integration Free Trial 10.15 license is valid until April 30, 2024.

The license key is not working. Is there something I can do to fix it?

Your browser may display the XML file. When you save the license from the browser, open the saved license file to make sure that the first line of line starts with <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“US-ASCII”?> .

Note: License Key Files will not have corresponding version numbers, as Reference License Keys are implemented since 10.x Release.

Depending on the browser, this line can be different. If you see a different line, please change it to

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“US-ASCII”?>

My Free Trial license has expired. What can I do?

You have two options. First is to download the newer version of webMethods Free Trial and continue your evaluation. Second option is to contact Software AG and purchase your license.

How do I get answers to my questions about webMethods?

To install the product, you can check out Getting Started guide. Once the product is installed, you can use the documentation available at Empower or Tech Community.

You can also post your questions to the webMethods Free Trial Forum.

What other resources can I use during my trial?

You can visit different forums on the site and may find that some of your questions have already been answered.

There are blogs to explain key concepts and articles which you may find useful posted in our Knowledge base section.

Is webMethods Broker included in the free trial?

No, please use Universal Messaging instead.

I am having troubles installing webMethods free trial on 32-bit machine.

webMethods free trial is only available on 64-bit machines.

On what Operating systems can I install webMethods Free Trial?

There are two installation images - for Windows and for Linux.

Command Central cannot be installed directly from the Installer. You can download it for free and install using the below commands:



cc-def-10.15-fix1-w64.exe --accept-license -d C:\SoftwareAG



sh cc-def-10.15-fix1-lnxamd4.sh--accept-license -d /opt/softwareag
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