How to become a webmethods Super hero from zero knowledge?

People have been asking me any times how do we start with webMethods using integration server.

This post will be helpful for you if your asked to support on premise webMethods or you are trying to learn on premise webMethods administration and or development.

So just trying to put some basic steps around how to start

Steps as you move in your journey

  1. Go and Register to SoftwareAG learning portal for customer / partners

  2. Once you have registered check these courses

  • webMethods Integration Basic ( Developer )
  • webMethods Integration Essentials ( Developer / Administrator )
  • webMethods Integration Platform - Installation & Configuration ( Developer / Administrator )
  • webMethods Integration Platform Administration Workshop( Developer / Administrator )
  • webMethods Integration Messaging Client ( Developer / Administrator )
  • webMethods Integration Caching ( Advance Developer )
  • webMethods Integration Java Services( Advance Developer )
  • webMethods Integration JMS Messaging( Advance Developer / Administrator )
  • webMethods Integration Advanced Flat File Handling ( Advance Developer )
  • webMethods Integration Messaging Trigger Filtering( Developer / Administrator )
  • Public Services for Audit Logging in IS 10.15** ( Advance Developer )
  • webMethods Integration Service Performance ( Advance Developer / Administrator)
  • webMethods Technical Architecture Workshop (Expert Architect )

Next go to empower
register your email

Next important step is go to Software AG Product Documentation

if you want to learn about installation requirements select the Software AG Suite & Cross-Product Guides filter then select the version which you see currently which is 10.15

For installation topics refer to Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products

To get free version of the product webMethods Integration Free Trial Download

If you need the license keys check webMethods (self-hosted) Free Trial FAQs if you have your personal / customer keys (check if your allowed to use for installation) you can use it for your learning.

For having majority of features enabled suggestion will be to have a DB available postgre / Oracle / MS SQL which every you can find the details of supported DB and versions are mentioned in the installation topics.

To get detailed insights into learning post the learning courses refer to the detailed PDF

if your are more a technical developer who writes integration logic refer to the below topics

Service Development - how to write a logic in webMethods flow language

if you think you already know then try some very basic examples merging to stringlist or documentlist , sorting , merge sort , binary search algorithm in flow services to get comfortable with advance concepts.

Unit Testing - Unit Testing Approach

if your an administrator who manages application server or infra apart from the trainings

Admin Infra Guide

Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products

[Learn about EAI patterns]

This is just a start… keep learning and keep trying algorithms you have implemented in your earlier projects into webMethods flow language. if you need more info let me know will update this post.

Software-AG webMethods

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Good info @Shashank_Mitra1

Some additional info to all:

  1. The trainings mentioned are for the webMethods on-premise integration platform. I recommend you also get knowledgeable on the webMethods iPaaS (cloud) integration platform. The products are: API gateway, Integration, B2B and MFT. These iPaaS products have similar integration capabilities as the on-premise products, except the iPaaS products are built for both cloud integrations and hybrid integrations.
    Trainings on the iPaaS products are also in the learning portal. You can filter on training.
  2. When i was at Software AG I developed and maintained many of the courses mentioned above and also the Integration courses.
    I also taught the courses to customers, partners and employees.

—> Wayne
Senior Integration Architect @ Persistent Systems

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Wayne your and Dave content on IPaas is something quite good enough this was more a blog for many consultants who get put to webMethods projects (on premise) and dont know the right way to approach learning.

I would look at also creating a post how do people transition from on premise to io flow and other ipaas component or if they are picking it up totally as a new tool.

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Agreed @Shashank_Mitra1
The info you provided is very good.