New to Forum and WM

I am new to WM, was working on Marimba Now as (BaldeLogic Client automation),
I want to know the architecture of WM, and i am working in a corporate which is one of the giant user to WM, please help me to understand the in and out of WM,
Thank you

Iam not an expert, iam also new to webmethods.
But i can explain it as layered architecture


B2B Layer
BPM Layer
EAI BUS -------------------
Messaging Layer - Broker

Basically, Integration server has two tools. One is developer and another is Modeler.
Developer is used to create services for the IS and Modeler is for business modelling.

Above diagram will entirely tells about the Integration Server
–> Portals/channels is used to create user interface to webmethods clients
–> B2B is like Trading Networks that receives documents from clients and also maintains the clients profiles and also ask the clients to send data in a format
–> BPM layer is Business Process Modelling, that will be used at design time as modeller
–> Next layer, is EAI-BUS which involves all the background works that goes automatically with little configuration
–> Next one is the Broker

That’s all i know. Iam also new to webmethods. So, plz dont mind if anything wrong in this.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Hey Adi,
Thank you so much for the piece full of information,
Well, little knowledge is more better then no knowledge, but half is very dangerous , Once again thank you for the information, if possible please continue the sessions how they work in real time environment,
If I am not wrong B2B is business to business?

Thank you[/FONT][/COLOR]

If I am not wrong B2B is business to business? --> YES

BTW,welcome to wMUsers!! community…


Nice try, but you miss parts such SOA, BAM, reporting… etc…
Also modeler is no longer available, now Designer (eclipse based) is the tool.

Maybe start looking at will give you some overview.

And welcome both :smiley:

Thank you Dev,
Nice pdf. It is really helpful and also, we need a lot of help from the senior members like you. Its again greatful to reply you for the second time

You will get help most of the time in this forum!..Read enough…goodluck!