Is Command Central available in 10.7 free trial?

Hi, I have installed the trial version of webMethods 10.7. But I do not see some Command Central specific folders e.g. profiles/CCE/bin. So, unable to run CC.
Also, in the list of installed components, only the CC CLI version appears.

Some CC directories are there, though.

Is Command Central not available in the 10.7 trial version ?

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Removed my comment - I stand corrected, please see responses below.

Command Central Server is not installed via Installer anymore, but via a separate bootstrap installer.

If you want to try out the Command Central Server, the easiest way is to use the docker image provided on docker hub (There are also some more ready made images available from Software AG).

Hi Arnab,

Actually Command Central is a free product that can be downloaded from

It can be used alongside the Free Trial, please check the part of the guide here:

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It can be installed through a bootstrap installer, Try that!

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Thank you Meng.

I was able to install it earlier in the month from bootstrap installer.

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Arnab, select a response as the solution for this question, so that people will know that this is resolved.



Guys, any idea if we can implement composite template provisioning through 10.7 trial version?

Sure, but you need still valid license keys to make it work.
Import the PROD and FIX repositories to CCE or link to Empower as well as you import the trial keys. Then you can use CCE to do all your work.
CCE itself is always full version and unlimited.

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Thanks, but can we do it in one single system/laptop(source and target both in same laptop), been trying it for some time but template based installation is timing out.

You would need to share the logs of CCE, local SPM and “remote” SPM in order to tell you why it fail.
Technically it does not matter if you install it remotely or locally (for an POC however much simpler to deal with).
Important is that you use an separate home folder and set of ports for the various SPM’s when you install it on the same local system.

hi Holm,

One of the error in install log is as below:

21:22:59 info SPMInstallPanel> SPMInstallPanel> Invoke step InstallService
21:22:59 info SPMInstallPanel> Installing service…
21:22:59 info PH> Execute arr cmd=[D:\Games\SoftwareAG\common\bin\wrapper-3.5.43.exe, -i, D:\Games\SoftwareAG\profiles\SPM\configuration\wrapper.conf]
21:22:59 info PH> Execute env=[null]
21:22:59 info PH> Execute execDir: null
21:23:00 info Exit code: 1
21:23:00 warning TanukiWrapperImpl> Service could not be registered:
wrapperm | Unable to install the Software AG Platform Manager 10.7 service - The specified service already exists. (0x431)

21:23:00 error APP_ERROR> SPM: Failed to create service for profile: SPM
21:23:00 error APP_ERROR> SPM: InstallService.error Could not install service of profile SPM for product Platform Manager. Reason: Failed to create service for profile: SPM.

This comes during SPM installation(2nd SPM in a new directory) Still this SPM comes green and online in CCE and i use this for applying template in this new directory.
Now while applying template, i see errors such as IS Node is in offline state , should be in OLNINE state. It comes for many config items and fails ultimately.

Pranay Misra

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Interesting home: D:\Games :slight_smile:

Two separate problems. The first one happens when you try to register a windows daemon/service with the same name as others already exist.
The other is about the fact that IS is down.
Some of the webMethods components can only be patched, installed and configured while they are down. Some other changes can only be made when they are UP.
This is what the error is complaining about, the IS did not come up within the given timeouts and therefore the template finally failed.
It would be good to see IS server.log and wrapper.log to see if SPM even tried to start the same or check further SPM logs of the target to see what it failed.

For the service registration I would guess this is because there is already another installation on the same host. You can use the windows “sc query” command to search.(or task manager “services” menu).



C:\Users\WDAGUtilityAccount>sc query state=all | find /I “Software AG”
DISPLAY_NAME: Software AG Platform Manager 10.7
DISPLAY_NAME: Software AG Integration Server 10.7 (default)

Usually when doing an second setup windows should automatically extend the installation names with an (2), (3) etc. as well as the services internal names.
Not sure at this point why this might fail in your case - would need more logs.
If you like to manually try to register the services you find the right file in your “profiles” Folder like in your case:
you have to start: service.bat -install

Ideally you then see in the wrapper log entries like:

STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 | Base configuration file is D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM\configuration\wrapper.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 | Found #include file in D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM\configuration\wrapper.conf: %OSGI_INSTALL_AREA%/configuration/wrapper-license.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 |   After environment variable replacements: D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM/configuration/wrapper-license.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 |   Reading included configuration file, D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM\configuration\wrapper-license.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 | Found #include file in D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM\configuration\wrapper.conf: %OSGI_INSTALL_AREA%/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 |   After environment variable replacements: D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 |   Reading included configuration file, D:\SoftwareAG107\profiles\SPM\configuration\custom_wrapper.conf
STATUS | wrapperm | 2021/06/15 15:33:52 | Software AG Platform Manager 10.7 service installed.
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