Command Central Quick Start

Getting started with Command Central

Getting started with Command Central is easier than ever!

  1. Download bootstrap installer for your platform from Empower:
  2. Run it locally to get Command Central up and ready for action in minutes
  3. Copy and run it on the target servers in your dev, test and production environments


Do I need to have Java on the target host?

NO, you don't need to have Java. The installer brings its own JRE.

Do I need to have access to the Internet to setup Command Central?

You don't need to have access to the Internet to setup Command Central, but at least one Command Central in your landscape should have access to the Internet to setup MASTER repositories. Please see this page for more details

I need to setup Command Central on HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, but bootstrap installer is not available. What should I do?

We're adding additional platforms support for Solaris and AIX. In a mean time, you can use regular Software AG installer client to install Command Central and set it up manually.

Can I re-execute bootstrap installer against existing installation?

YES, you can re-execute bootstrap installer against an existing installation with Command Central of the same release version (e.g. 9.9) to change Administrator password and/or re-configure CLI. The installer will not perform any product installation activities if it detects installed products in the target installation directory.

Can I re-execute newer fix level bootstrap installer against existing installation?

YES, you can re-execute newer update of bootstrap installer, say cc-all-9.9-fix2-* , against an existing CC 9.9 installation created using cc-all-9.9-fix1-* bootstrap installer or even SAG installer to apply latest fixes packaged with the updated installer.

NOTE: On Linux/OSX you need to remove older cc-fix-9.9-fix1 image repository and files from CCE/SPM data folders to ensure newer fixes application. In the future this will be handled automatically.

Can I use bootstrap installer to perform CC migration?

YES, you can install CC 9.9 side by side with CC 9.x on the same host but into a different installation directory.

1. Make sure you shutdown CCE and SPM in the old 9.x installation before you install new one, if you're using the same ports (recommended).

2. Shutdown CCE and SPM 9.9 after bootstrap intaller successfully finished fresh setup.

3. Open SoftwareAG99InstallDir/migrate/bin folder and run CC 9.9 migrate utility. Answer questions about what you'd like to migrate.

4. Start CCE and SPM 9.9


Linux bootstrap installer fails with ERROR: installer.jar is not found

This is a symptom of corrupted installer .sh file. You can corrupt installer .sh file during copy operation if your copy utility uses text transfer mode instead of binary mode. To confirm that your copy is corrupted check the .sh file size and compare it to the size posted on Empower SDC site. They must match. If they don't, delete the corrupted file and re-download and copy it to the target host using binary mode.

Bootstrap installer times out waiting for Command Central and fails with No Route To Host error

You may hit this problem if the host DNS resolution is not configured correctly. To verify whether you have this problem run ping `hostname` command. If it fails, then you need to fix your host configuration by correcting /etc/hosts file or the name resolution for the hostname and re-running the bootstrap installer.

Windows installer doesn't work if run from directory name with a space

Copy the installer into a folder that does not have spaces in its name or any of its parent folders and retry.