Generation bootstrap installers and images

Why Generating Bootstrap Images and Installers?

You need to generate bootstrap images and installers to be able to bootstrap new installations from Command Central that is NOT configured with MASTER or MIRROR repositories.

Before you begin

IMPORTANT: Command Central MUST be configured with MASTER or MIRROR repositories

To properly generate bootstrap images and installers Command Central must have access to a MASTER or MIRROR repository for the target release version. If this does not apply to your Command Central instance you MUST perform this process on a Command Central that has access to these types of repositories.

To confirm you have MASTER or MIRROR repositories run this command, or use Web UI Repositories view

cc list repository products -e "MASTER|MIRROR"
Display Name                      Type
webMethods-9.5                    MASTER
webMethods-9.6                    MASTER
webMethods-9.7                    MASTER
webMethods-9.8                    MASTER
webMethods-9.9                    MASTER
webMethods-9.9_mirror1            MIRROR
IMPORTANT: Repository names must follow default naming convention webMethods-{versionMajor.minor}_{optionalLabel}


Automatic Generation from Web UI

Command Central will automatically generate bootstrap image and/or installer when you attempt to bootstrap a new Installation from this Command Central. Use Web UI Add Installation wizard and select source MASTER or MIRROR repository for the desired release version, Complete distribution type and Push or Pull method.

If Push method is selected Command Central will generate bootstrap image only. The image will be registered as a new IMAGE repository with spm-all--release- name. The image .zip file will be saved under INSTALLDIR/profiles/CCE/data/images folder.

If Pull method was selected Command Central will generate both bootstrap image and the installer. The installer has the same name as the image and will be available under INSTALLDIR/profiles/CCE/data/installers folder.

NOTE: Image and installer generation starts when you click Finish in the wizard and will take at least 10 minutes to complete

Use Web UI Jobs view to monitor the progress

On Demand Generation from CLI

You can generate bootstrap images and installers using CLI. For example to generate installer and image for webMethods 9.7 on Linux run:

cc create provisioning bootstrap installers repoName=webMethods-9.7 platform=LNXADM64
ID Duration Status    Progress Description                                           
36        0 SCHEDULED        0 Make bootstrap installer spm-all-9.7-release-lnxamd64 

Use the following command to find out supported platform codes

cc list repository platforms local
Code     Display Name                    
OSX      Apple Mac OSX
SOLAMD64 Sun Solaris x86-64
LNX      Linux RHEL and SLES x86
W64      Microsoft Windows x86-64
HP11IT   HP HP-UX Intel Itanium
LNXS390X Linux RHEL and SLES IBM System z
AS400    IBM AS/400
WNT      Microsoft Windows x86
SOL      Sun Solaris SPARC
LNXAMD64 Linux RHEL and SLES x86-64

Wait for bootstrap image creation to complete or use Web UI Jobs view to monitor the process.

cc list repository products properties=displayName -e "spm-all-9.7-release-lnxamd64" -w 1200 -c 60
Display Name                     
The expected values were successfully retrieved after ...

Check the image content. Notice SUM, SPM and ALL XXXspm plugins are included.

cc list repository products content spm-all-9.7-release-lnxamd64
ID                                     Group              Version     
ACDLDeployerSharedBundle               ACDL      
SSX                                    API      
PIFSharedBundles                       Broker    
PIFspm                                 Broker    
TPSddj                                 DDJ        
EventTypeCommon                        EDA       
NERV                                   EDA       
INMspm                                 INMJ      
CustomInstall                          Infrastructure 
WISSharedBundles                       Infrastructure  
WISSharedLibs                          Infrastructure  
sjp                                    Infrastructure  
license                                License    
CLI                                    Platform  
OSGI                                   Platform  
SPM                                    Platform  
SPMNerv                                Platform  
SUM                                    Platform  
TPS                                    Platform   
WSSOSGi                                Platform  
SCGCommon                              SCG       
jsw                                    SCG       
log4j                                  SCG       
saglic                                 SCG       
NUMRepository                          UniversalMessaging
NUMspm                                 UniversalMessaging        
WMNspm                                 WmMonitor  
ISSharedBundles                        integrationServer 
ISspm                                  integrationServer 
WOKspm                                 integrationServer  
integrationServerMigrationFrameworkLib integrationServer 
MWSspm                                 portal    

Bootstrap image file is at INSTALLDIR/profiles/CCE/data/images/

Bootstrap installer file is at INSTALLDIR/profiles/CCE/data/installers/


Can I generate bootstrap image using SAG Installer

Technically you can, but you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The image MUST include Platform Manager
  2. The image MUST include Update Manager
  3. The image MUST include ALL Platform Manager Plug-Ins
  4. The image MUST include ALL required dependencies of all of the above products
  5. The image MUST follow standard naming convention: spm-all-{versionMajor.minor}-release-{platform}
  6. The image SHOULD not include any other products to limit it size to minimum.

It is safer and more reliable to let Command Central generate the image for you.

Can I generate bootstrap Image from an IMAGE repository

NO, you cannot generate image from another image. You can generate image from MASTER or MIRROR repository only.

Can I generat bootstrap Installer from an IMAGE repository

NO, while technically you can, you should NOT generate bootstrap installer from an image. You need to generate bootstrap installer from MASTER or MIRROR repository to obtain proper content and naming.


Bootstrap image generation from a MASTER repository fails with installer error

Check bootstrap log file for the error details. The bootstrap log file is available from the Jobs view for the failed job.

Ensure that this master repository is configured with valid Empower credentials. For webMethods-9.8 and newer you can validate this by listing the contents of the repository using CLI:

cc list repository products content webMethods-9.8

What's Next

The generated bootstrap image(s) can now be uploaded to other Command Centrals that do not have access to the MASTER or MIRROR repositories and used as source repository for bootstrapping SPM.

The generated bootstrap installer(s) can be copied to a file system location that is accessible from hosts that need to be bootstrapped using pull method.

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