Remote SPM Bootstrapping using Composite Template

This paper details about remote bootstrapping, install Platform Manager (SPM) on remote UNIX or Windows hosts using the SSH protocol.


Supported Software AG releases when bootstrapping on UNIX

Command Central 10.3 or higher

Platform Manager 9.8 or higher

Supported Software AG releases when bootstrapping on Windows

Command Central 10.5 or higher

Platform Manager 10.3 or higher

NOTE: For older versions of Command Central and Platform Manager you can use the sag-spm-boot-winrm template which uses the native Windows remoting protocol.


System requirements for the target UNIX machines

SSH daemon with enabled SHA1 support

A user account with remote SSH login privileges and write access to the target installation directory, for example sagadmin

Credentials for the remote connection user account, e.g. sagadmin, are configured. For more information, see sag-cc-creds-dev.


System requirements for the target Windows machines

Use Cygwin to Configure OpenSSH. For information about how to install Cygwin, follow the instructions located in the Tech Community article: Using Cygwin to Configure OpenSSH When Installing Platform Manager on a Remote Windows Machine


System requirements for the Command Central machine

All supported UNIX or Windows operating systems

Must have Command Central bootstrap installer for the target UNIX platform (*.sh file) or for the target Windows platform (*.bat or *.exe) saved in the CC_HOME\profiles\CCE\data\installers folder. Verify by running:

sagcc list provisioning bootstrap installers


Template used for remote bootstrapping using batch file:

alias: webMTrunk

description: CC Composite template for webM products



    version:                    ${version}

    host: ${}

    node.alias:   SAGBAT                              # Remote hostnames to bootstrap, e.g. host1,host2

    repo.product:               ${repo.product}            # source product repository name, must be pre-registered

    #repo.fix:                   ${repo.fix}                # source fix repository name, must be pre-registered

    install.dir:                ${install.dir}             # suite installation directory

    os.platform:                ${os.platform}             # remote machine OS platform code

    os.username:                ${os.username}             # remote machine SSH username

    os.auth.method:             ${os.auth.method}          # remote machine authentication method: PASSWORD,INTERACTIVE,CERTIFICATE

    os.privateKey:              /home/webmeth/wM_DEV.pem

    os.port:                    22                         # remote machine SSH port

    env.password:               manage                     # IS/MWS Administrator password

    os.credentials.key: sshspm                      # SSH credentials for remote hosts connection, e.g

    cc.installer.bat:  cc-def-10.5-fix2-w64.bat                           # Command Central bootstrap installer, e.g.

    spm.port: ${}                               # SPM HTTP port bootstrapped via .bat

    spm.credentials.key: DEFAULT_ADMINISTRATOR      # by default is Administrator/manage   




      - spm-bat









    infrabat: ${node.alias}





      host: ${host}

      port: ${spm.port}

      secure: false                            # Do not use SSL, use plain HTTP

      credentials: ${spm.credentials.key}      # SPM connection credentials, the same as bootstrap credentials


        installer: ${cc.installer.bat}

        installDir: ${install.dir}

        repoName: ${repo.product}

        platform: ${os.platform}


          userName: ${os.username}

          password: ${os.password}

          authenticationMethod: ${os.auth.method}

          privateKey: ${os.privateKey}