Command Central server setup

Customized Software AG Command Central server setup


This project automates Command Central 10.1 setup:

  • Downloads latest fix level bootstrap installer for your platform
  • Runs bootstrap installer
  • Configures HTTP/S proxy
  • Registers master repositories
  • Uploads license keys
  • Uploads product and fix images
  • Creates mirror repositories
  • You can also use this project to maintain your Command Central installation:

Pull the latest fixes and products into mirror repositories

  • Update Command Central to the latest patch level
  • Upgrade Command Central to a new release (from 9.x to 10.1)
  • Start/stop/restart Command Central
  • Check jobs status and tail the logs

Further instructions

For further instructions visit the repository at GitHub: sagdevops-cc-server

   Software AG open code at:

Forking and pull requests are welcome. For bugs related to the code please create an issue in the Github Repository. For any questions or requests, please post a comment below.