Need a proper Guide to - Install Software AG webMethods on premises/locally


I need proper guidance on "How to Install Software AG webMethods on-premises/locally.
I have tried to install products 4 to 5 times but I am facing the following issues (Listed Below):

1: Central User Management is not Configured.
2: Software AG Designer is not connected to the server.

Screenshots of the above-mentioned issues are also attached.

I am following this link to install: Guide to Downloading and installing the webMethods Free Trial Version

Please help!

You’re nearly there, you don’t need to install “central user management” as it is optional.
The problem is that you are in the wrong perspective, you need to switch to “service development”

From there you can click on the servers button (4th button along) in the package navigator.

and then edit the credentials for your default server so that Designer can connect.

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Go to Window–> preferences -->Software AG → chose Integration server .
Host : “Enter your IP address” port :5555
User: Administrator Password : manage
then verify the server

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Thank you @John_Carter4 @sazhad for your valuable and quick response.

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