Designer Free Trail

Is there Designer Free Trail for download?

I would like to evaluate it before provide my technical suggestion.

Yes… :slight_smile:

where? May I have the download link?

Thanks Mahesh! But there is only webMethods IS for download, no Software AG Designer.

I have installed the webMethods IS, but no development tools for developping services.

Go to link and follow the instructions to receive the license file to your email id.

You have to download the installer and image file (64 bit) make sure you have 64 bit OS.

When you run the installer navigate and select the image file. You get a list of products to select. There you can find IS, designer.

See the screenshot in step 7.

but thanks for asking I had same question…

got it. thanks Martin & Mahesh!

Where can I find the image file to download?

Here you go!

Hi Everyone,

I have downloaded the the latest 10.0 version webmethods from SoftwareAG.

When i installed it on my machine I am getting the below error :
Connection failed for localhost:5555 ( Connection refused: connect

Please let me whats the solution for this.


SAG Designer is a client side tool which is used for development (eg. Service Development), make sure you install the Integration Server and start it in order to use that on Designer.

Can you explain in detail what are you trying to do with Designer? Looks like you are new to webMethods.

Thanks sir for quick reply.

yes I am new to webMethods. I just wanted to practice webMethods using Designer. I downloaded it from SoftwareAG and using the guideline which is given on the website I installed it on my machine. But its throwing this error :

Make sure you have installed Integration Server, start the server from command prompt (startup.bat from C:\SoftwareAG10\profiles\IS_default\bin) or start all programs menu and check for server.log (C:\SoftwareAG10\IntegrationServer\instances\default\logs)

Attach the server.log here.

Here is the server.log file attached
server.log (26.3 KB)

From server.log I see the server is started without any issues, try accessing the Integration Server from your browser


User: Administrator
Pwd: manage

For more details, refer the below guides, which you can download from Tech Community documentation section or Empower


Also, explore the beginner’s tutorials from the below links:


Now the integration server started. I can access the localhost. But i can see the below error when i connect the Designer.

Connection failed for localhost:5555 ( Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?

Try the below if this helps:

1> Quit Designer if already open
2> Open command prompt and go to C:\SoftwareAG10\Designer\eclipse and run the command eclipse.exe -clean
3> Wait till the Designer pops up and try to connect
4> Still same issue, go to Window → Preferences ->Software AG → Integration Server. Select the Default name and click Edit. Make sure only “Connect immediately” is checked

5> Enter Host, Port, User and Password and click on Verify Server to see if you are able to connect to IS from Designer.

Thank you so much Sir :-). Now the Designer is getting connected to server.

I tried with the second option.

  1. opening Designer from command prompt
  2. I ran the startup.bat command and selected only “Connect immediately”.

I want to know what was going wrong when I tried first to connect it to server. I never run the command startup.bat after installing webMethods. is that the reason?

Please let me know. Thanks Again .