WebMethods 8.2 Designer Installation


I recently installed the Designer on my laptop. I need to connect to my company’s MWS server so that I did the following

  1. Click on File->New->Other
  2. Expand Server
  3. Select Server
  4. Expand Software AG and select My webMethods Server (Remote)
  5. I entered my server host name and selected a server runtime environment which has been configured as follows
    JRE: Default JRE
    My webMethods Server Installation Directory: C:\SoftwareAG\eclipse\v36…\MWS

Please note that the above are default settings.

  1. I hit next and get the following error

C:/SoftwareAG/MWS/bin is not valid

I have filed a support incident, but no resolution yet.
My other colleagues told me that they installed the same way I did but did not get this error, which is puzzling.
Has anyone out there experienced this?


Please note this is now resolved. I had to
[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=2]

  1. Uninstall my current Designer[/size][/font]

2. Re-download the LATEST SoftareAG installer that was released in February 2012

3. Install the Designer in a DIFFERENT location (aka C:\SofwareAG82)

Now the Designer is able to register a Remote MWS.

Thank You.

Thanks for updating back in the forum::slight_smile:

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