this installation image does not provide the App Platform

I had no success to deploy my project WmAppPlatformTest from Desinger to the remote IS host so I installed an integration server coming from the Designer image on my windows . Trying to deploy the project to this local IS, I get an error which seems my IS does not support APP:
Here the error:
Project bundle generated!
Error installing project bundle in the repository! null
Designer is connected to the server over JMX as required; however, the App Platform remote service is unavailable. Verify the ‘Application Platform Support’ component is installed for this server.

What do I need to install additionally?


There are two components for App Platform: Designer tools and Server runtime.
I’ve uploaded as screenshot showing where these options exist in the installer.

The error message you have sounds like you have installed the App Platform Designer tools, but not the server.
When the App Platform server runtime is installed, a JMX port will be listening for connections from Designer.
The default value is 8075; however, if you install App Platform on a machine with another installation running, the port number will change - e.g. 8076.

You can confirm the port number in use by looking in the server profile’s configuration.
e.g. /pathToInstallation/profiles/IS_default/configuration/com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader/*.properties.
(This file will contain the port setting, and the App Platform Designer configuration in the ‘Servers’ view must match the expected host and port.

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