Unable to open CC portal

I have installed CC on windows machine using below command and provided boot strap download and I could see it is running



cc-def-10.7-fix1-w64.exe --accept-license -d C:\SoftwareAG

C:\Users\sande>sc query state=all | find /I “Software AG”
DISPLAY_NAME: Software AG Runtime 10.7 (2)
DISPLAY_NAME: Software AG Platform Manager 10.7 (2)

but when I open (http://localhost:8092/cce/web)

HTTP Status 404 – Not found…do I need to configure some params any where or did I miss any steps

Looks like CCE is not started; navigate to /yourInstallationFolder/profiles/CCE/bin and start it up. If you don’t see CCE under profiles, then the installation was perhaps not complete.

Ah, I knew I didn’t recognize 8092 - thanks @Nagendra_Prasad_A_R!


Hi @Sandeep_Deepala ,
By default the port for CC is 8090 ( HTTP) and 8091(HTTPS) , unless you have changed them while installation, you can try same URL with port 8090 and see if it works for you

P.S: 8092 is default port for SPM.


Looking at the command output and assuming there are only two entries, there must have been Command Central as well here. So I wouldn’t rule out an incomplete installation as well.
Running the same command shows me “Software AG Command Central Server _version” , Better to check the installation logs under installDIR/install/logs for any failures.

Sandeep can register CCE as a Windows service, explicitly, but yes, there was probably a failure to register due to user permissions.


I Think I havent installed CC completely …do we have any documentation or steps to install CC using boot strap.

folders in my installation directory , only below two.


Documentation is always available on https://documentation.softwareag.com, and CCE installation is here (link).

Beginning with release 10.7, the .exe file of the boostrapper is deprecated.


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