Webmethods 10.11, MWS default username and password - Unable to login


I installed newly 10.11 webmethods component and brought MWS server up and running. But no matter what, I am not able to login with

Administrator OR sysadmin with default or customized username details.

Need help please.

Please check page 14 here:

Starting 10.11 only sysadmin is enabled by default and it uses the password provided during the installation.


I tried that as well, but seems it did not work for me :frowning: Please find the below steps, let me know if I have done anything wrong.

  1. Installed SAG

  2. Ran dbConfigurator and configure IS and MWS with 2 different users
    username: webmisx11 [for IS]
    username: webmmwsx11 [for MWS]

  3. At the time of installation, i had selected the default admin password (attached picture)

  4. Tried to login with following combination
    a. username: webmisx11; password: <provided during the time of dbConfigurator]
    b. username: webmisx11; password: admin12_@
    c. username: sysadmin; password: admin12_@
    d. username: sysadmin; password: manage

  5. Tried even editing the mws.db.xml and did not work.
    mws.db.xml (1.2 KB)

full.log|attachment (545.8 KB)
problems.log|attachment (21.0 KB)
audit.log (1.7 MB)

Hi Kaushik,

are you able to login into IS? If yes, can try to check whether the TNMWSUsers and TNAdministrators ACL have the correct associations? If no, then can try to add the local/Administrators into the groups, and login again MWS.

Hope this help, thanks

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Brilliant, thanks a lot Alex, it worked

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I’m not able to login to MWS as well.
Could you please tell me where the menu in the screenshot is located in the IS Administrator?

By the way, during installation, I entered the administrator password as “!manage2” and tried to log in to the IS Administrator using it, but it did not work. Instead, I was able to log in as “manage”.

Please help.

It turned out that the menu was not activated because I didn’t install Central User Management component.


hello i am facing the same problem …but i am not getting directories option maybe because i didn’t install central management component… anyone knows how can i do now?

Hi Abhijeet,

you can download and install the component from the sag installer.


Hello Alex,
Thanks for your reply.

i installed again but still i am getting this error while accessing common directories.

Below are my mws log files.

full.log|attachment (936.2 KB)
Uploading: audit.log…
Uploading: problems.log…

This time i installed the product with central user management.
But still in IS page i see central user management is not configured.
Both IS and MWS are up and login page is coming but for MWS i am not able to login as it always says wrong credentials. I have tried with every possible pair of credentials.

Hi Abhijeet,

could you check in your IS whether have the WmCDS package and did it turn on?


Kind regards,
Alex Foo

Yes it is present.

May be i have to create a directory service but dont know how can i create and which one to select

Hi Abhijeet,

could you check again whether you have download and install the common directory support?

i checked my installer, i have already installed it.

Hi there,
have you also configured the CentralUsers JDBC setting ?

Admin → Settings → JDBC Pools → CentralUsers


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Hello John,

Thanks alot it worked. But still i am not able to login in MWS.
Can you tell which username and password will work?

I have edited the roles as alex said but still not able to login in MWS.