For MWS LDAP credentials is working , but the Administrator credentials are not working

Hi ,

Can anyone assist please why admin credentials are not working for the MWS ?

I don’t think you have problems with the credentials but rather with your login configuration as I see too many requests response and not wrong credentials.

yes , I am giving the correct credentials
So how to clear the many requests and response.
How can i login again with the Admin credentials.
Please assist

Hi Varun,

can you try the sysadmin/manage instead?

You might want to look at the search order for the directory services.

Additionally check your networking routing as accessing the t-oktagon-temp page is redirected to many time (more than 30 hops between source and target host).
You can check this with a traceroute command if your systems allow this.
Sometimes traceroute is blocked to avoid DOS attacks


Hi @Holger_von_Thomsen ,

Thank you for response :slight_smile:

I tried with sysadmin/manage , but only i can access the Dashboard. Not the MWS services.

Hi Varun,

most of the MWS services are also accessible from here, but they are not always located at the easy finding places.
In this case the User Management part in the upper right box contains the “Directory Services Administration” link.
There you should find what you are looking for regarding the search order.

Checking the MWS Administrators Guide should be helpful here.


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