Admin Credentials

Hi Team,

I have the admin credentials.

I am able to login to IS Admin page using those credentials.

But i am not able to connect to server in Designer using the same admin credential.

I created a user and gave him the Admin rights , using that also we are able to login to IS Admin page. But couldnot connect to server in designer. It is saying incorrect username and password.

Can anyone please guide me on this.

If some settings have been made for the same and how this can be resolved.

Thanks in advance.

Strange! check the host/ip and port details correctly that is configured in the designer. Retry with correct user credentials.

Yes I think you must have provided the host/port and user creds incorrectly please check with all combinations and if the problem still persists you can reach our to your wM Infra team for any assistance as they would be appropriate to look on this issue internally to your system/specific environment etc…



when using different user than Administrator remember that it needs to be in the Developers Group/ACL additionally to the Administrators ACL.


But if the different user (xxx) has the Administors ACL then no need to set the Developer ACL explicitly having said that it always best practice to have Developer ACL also included to clear any audit situations etc…