TECHniques - Issue 1, 2024

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In this issue, we’re sharing fresh product news, the latest deep-dive technical articles and tutorials, and our newest customer stories. We’re also showcasing the most active members across our community, the ones who really made it thrive in 2023!

We hope you enjoy catching up on the capabilities we’ve introduced in our iPaaS releases and the growing list of Cumulocity IoT UI extensions. And for those of you who plan on attending IUG in Dublin this year, be sure to register for the second edition of the IoT Hackathon!

Hot Topic

IUG Conference 2024 – Explore the Agenda
By Tina Frey, Sr Manager, Global Events, Software AG

Explore the IUG Conference 2024 agenda and discover what awaits you in Dublin. v11.0 Cloud Releases
By Subhash Ramachandran, SVP, Product Management, Integration & API, Software AG

Uncover the cutting-edge features and enhancements in v11.0 cloud products, including highlights of the latest innovations in software integration.

2nd IoT Hackathon at IUG Conference 2024 in Dublin
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Experience creativity and teamwork at the 2nd IoT Hackathon, which will take place in Dublin during the IUG Conference – April 9-11, 2024.

What’s New

“The best stories are yours” series – part 7
By Customer Advocacy Marketing, Software AG

Discover the remarkable results achieved by companies as they seamlessly integrate Software AG products into their digital transformation journeys.

An Introduction to our new messaging tools
By John Carter, Manager, Product Management, Integration, Software AG

Discover our new messaging tools, unveiled as part of the preview edition of Service Designer 11.0, released in December 2023.

Cumulocity IoT Ecosystem enriched with new UI Extensions
By Christian Guether, Principal Consultant IoT & Devices, Software AG

Explore the flourishing Cumulocity IoT ecosystem and the latest UI extensions. Find out about the exciting additions that improve user experience and functionality for a better IoT environment.

Techie Deep Dive

How to write a “truly” multitenant microservice in typescript
By Cyril Poder, Sr IoT Solution Architect, IoT CoE EMEA, Software AG

Get to know the secrets of crafting a genuinely multitenant microservice using TypeScript through our step-by-step guide, sharing expert tips and best practices.

How to use local service development in containerized Integration Server or Microservices Runtime?
By Reni Mathew, Information Engineering Specialist, C2E Information Engineering, Software AG

This tutorial guides users through the effective implementation of local service development in a containerized Integration Server or Microservices Runtime, offering detailed steps for optimizing development workflows in these environments.

Enterprise Development Workflows with EPL Apps and GitHub
By Matthew Johnson, Software Architect, IoT & Analytics Apama Platform, Software AG

An introduction to EPL Apps GitHub Sync: a new tool that you can deploy to your Cumulocity IoT tenant, which enables you to create real-time analytics applications within the platform to process messages being generated by IoT devices.


2023: The Year in Review - Top Community Members
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Meet the backbone of the Tech Community – our Top Rated Members and Superstars in 2023!

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