“The best stories are yours” series – part 7


As we embark on a new year, the “The best stories are yours” series continues, exploring the extraordinary outcomes achieved by our customers. You will find below some of our latest customer success stories, categorized by product. Enjoy!

By Customer Advocacy Marketing team, Software AG

If you are interested in telling your success story, please contact our Customer Advocacy Marketing team.

Adabas & Natural

:open_book: DELJIS: Keeping Delaware safe with one criminal justice system
The scale and importance of DELJIS is hard to overstate. It touches nearly every government agency in Delaware, all of whom depend on Adabas & Natural on the IBM® Z® platform, for ongoing security, reliability, and efficiency.


:open_book: Advania Norway: Bringing clarity and efficiency to post-merger business processes
See how, post-merger, Advania Norway was able to successfully standardize contracts, reduce revenue leakage, enhance cybersecurity, and more utilizing the power of ARIS.

:open_book: Claro SA Enhances CX with ARIS Cloud Transformation
Discover how Claro SA revolutionized customer experience and process management using ARIS in the cloud, achieving operational efficiency and innovation.

:open_book: ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG: Digital Railway Success with ARIS
Discover how ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG revolutionizes railways with ARIS, achieving remarkable efficiency, punctuality, and sustainability in their operations.

Cumulocity IoT

:open_book: Sustainable Asset Management: How Solenis scaled intelligence with an IoT buy and build strategy
Global chemical supplier Solenis tackled IT migration & harnessed customer data with Cumulocity IoT, achieving growth, sustainability, & custom solutions in 5 months.

:open_book: Opening up the IIoT ecosystem with cloud-agnostic intelligence
Kunbus pioneers IIoT with Revolution Pi, the first open-source, modular, industry-grade IoT hardware. In partnership with Cumulocity IoT, they empower manufacturers, boost automation, and enhance energy efficiency.


:open_book: Bonfiglioli: Shifting hybrid integration into a whole new gear with the right iPaaS
Bonfiglioli, a billion-dollar manufacturer, overcame IT challenges, embraced cloud-native solutions, created 130+ APIs, and more with webMethods.io.

:open_book: Damen: Set sail for the future with simpler, faster, more secure integrations
Damen Shipyards, a global maritime leader, transformed operations with the webMethods integration suite, achieving secure hybrid integration, cutting build time, and driving successful ERP and platform rollouts.

:open_book: Lojas Lebes: Multichannel customer experience
Explore Lojas Lebes’ journey in creating a seamless multichannel customer experience, integrating diverse technologies for superior retail service.

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Hi All

Thanks I find Customer Success stories very enlightening and can fill any gaps which I have in the services and successes I have delivered over the years with both ARIS & Alfabet.

I am getting more and more concerned by the total lack of mention of Alfabet, which I have used to deliver significant value in clients. Gartner still sees Alfabet as a leader in both EA and The Leader in strategic Portfolio Mgt

Can you put my concerns to rest with an update please on the future of Alfabet?

Hi Adele copied you in as I am sure you will be close to most things especially after sale of iPaas to IBM

Any help always well received & relatively urgent as currently talking to Heathrow CIO & one of her priorities is asking for help in maturing her Enterprise Architecture capability. My next call with her is tomorrow at 2:30


Hi Mark - Thank you for you post. I can certainly understand your concern but please be assured that Alfabet’s role in Software AG’s product portfolio is as important as ever. I’m not sure why our newest customer story on Coamo wasn’t included in this posting but here it is, along with several other customer success stories: Resource Library (softwareag.com). I will add you to our Alfabet newsletter distribution list to ensure our activities are more visible to you. Also, I hope you can attend the Int’l Users Group Conference in Dublin from April 9-11. The Alfabet track will have 8 customer speakers and my Software AG colleagues will speak on how Alfabet is used for EA and Strategic Portfolio Management here in our own company. Also you’ll hear about the Alfabet roadmap and other plans for the future. You can join our session in-person or virtually. Here’s the agenda: IUG Conference 2024 Agenda (softwareag.com). So I hope this note assuages your concerns. Let me know if our Alfabet Competence Center can help you with your client cases (paula.ziehr@softwareag.com).

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