Introducing Software AG’s customer ambassador program

Is it time to take your engagement to the next level?

Read about Software AG’s reconceptualized Customer Ambassador Program. Find out what’s behind its new direction. Learn about the benefits our customers can expect to receive, which include learning credits, complimentary strategy workshops and participation in Software AG events. Explore added perks that include networking with peers, publishing a profile-raising customer story and exchanging with industry leaders and analysts.

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Demonstrate the importance of collaboration in our digital age

In May 2017, Software AG’s Customer Marketing team unveiled a fresh new approach to building deeper partnerships with our customers. The resulting Ambassador Program is all about offering these valued customers the exclusive chance to promote their game-changing achievements.

Let’s share your story with the world

We are finding that so many of our customers are fast becoming leaders in their game. They no longer just own their space, they have redefined it. Yet a lot of the stories behind these leading transformations remain untold. It therefore became Customer Marketing’s mission to shed more light on these achievements and give our customers the visibility their achievements deserve.

Reap the benefits of ambassadorship

Of course, we understand that building a closer relationship takes commitment on both sides. That’s why the list of perks in terms of building connections are endless. They include: being invited to VIP networking events with analysts, industry experts and peers; leveraging best practices from others in their Ambassador community; and receiving global recognition for their innovative use of Software AG technology and the adaptations that make it their unique powerhouse. But the list doesn't stop there. There’s a number of exclusive benefits that ensure our Ambassadors get the most from their Software AG solution sets which include:

  • Roadmap workshops with Software AG product experts
  • 1:1 meetings with a Software AG board member
  • One-day consulting workshops on topic of choice
  • Annual learning credits towards customized education, training (onsite, virtual classrooms and e-learning), and learning needs analyses
  • Access to Software AG events such as the Innovation Tour (including travel)

Meet our digital transformers

Of course, there are only a limited number of Ambassadors that we can work with at any one time. After May’s International User Group we saw an influx of applications. You can view a number of the resulting interviews using the link at the end of this article. Here’s just a selection of some of the customers we are proud to be championing even more closely.

“Software AG shared our vision of the world. In Software AG we don’t have a typical vendor/customer relationship, we have a partner.”

Gianfranco Giannella |  COO & SVP OCTO, Telematics Group

Your program #withoutcompromise

The Software AG Ambassador Program has our customer’s needs and constraints in mind. Our Ambassadors can be assured they’ll receive a dedicated Software AG gatekeeper, at their sides to coordinate communications and personalize their program. With even more verve than usual, we are championing our customer’s achievements, handling their precious brands with integrity, sensitivity and respect. Is it time to take our engagement to the next level? We think there’s never been a better time to build connections.

Useful links

To learn more, please contact Customer Marketing directly. To see more samples of our recent customer stories check out the area dedicated to customer success on our website.