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Software AG has launched exciting products and capabilities and recently acquired some innovative companies. It can become challenging to keep track of all the innovations. In fact, as Software AG’s product portfolio grows, we hear frequently from customers, "We didn't know you had that product." To address this issue and bring the most up-to-date information to our customers, we have started a number of initiatives. These will help you to stay in touch and get engaged more with Software AG.

Digital Business Demos

This series of weekly live demos showcase the latest product innovations and how they can help you transform your business. You can engage with product management and ask them questions directly as we always have a Q&A session after the live demos. 

Free Trials

Take selected products for a test drive:

  • Adabas Community Edition
  • Apama Community Edition
  • Dynamic Apps Free Trial
  • Natural for Windows® Community Edition
  • NaturalONE free trial
  • Terracotta Packaging Kit for Docker®
  • webMethods Integration Free Trial
  • webMethods BPMS Free Trial
  • webMethods Mobile Suite Free Trial

Innovation Tour

The best way to experience the latest technical advances is live and in person. That is why we are doing Innovation Tours in 2017 and bringing our innovations to you.

Look for these Innovation Tour events:


Sept. 14-15
Innovation Tour will focus on delivering digital transformation, interactive product sessions, and networking with like- minded peers. The event will also feature both training and complimentary product test-drive opportunities. Taking place on beautiful Lake Michigan, the event will attract an audience that includes IT executives from North America’s private and public sectors, as well as Software AG’s partner community. Thank you to our sponsors Kellton Tech, Qualitrol Tech and Visual Enterprise Architecture.

Washington D.C.

Nov. 2–3
In the United States capitol, the Innovation Tour will focus on digital transformation and how it can enhance both private sector corporations and public sector agencies. The event will include interactive product sessions, training, complimentary product test-drive opportunities and time to network with other industry leaders and professionals. Thank you to our sponsors Kellton Tech, Qualitrol Tech, Visual Enterprise Architecture and Synergy. 

Innovation Tour 2017 is coming to a city near you! Register today!

  • April 11 - Singapore
  • April 27 - Seoul
  • May 3 - Sydney
  • May 9 - Dubai
  • May 31 - Spain
  • June 9 - Beijing
  • June 29 - South Africa
  • July 6 - Tokyo
  • Sept. 12 - Germany
  • Sept. 14-15 - Chicago
  • Sept. 28 - U.K.
  • Oct. 12 - Stockholm
  • Nov. 2-3 - Washington D.C.